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Gameplay Critique

Recommended Posts


Big fan here. Love me some western in my games.  This game is so amazing, but for as great as it is it can be very annoying quite often.




Accept for the amazing addition of hipfiring which I absolutely could not do without now, I really feel like the shootouts in the first game were better. Allow me to explain. Bare in mind this is coming from someone who doesn’t use the ease of auto aim.


The cover system and Fearless Enemies.


Cover, It’s close to pointless. Getting into cover is way more cumbersome than the original. In the original you had some great shoot outs back and fourth. 

But now every enemy has a Death Wish. Some take cover sure, but there is constantly someone rushing to flank you. Even if they see 3 buddies before try the very same thing and die, even if they are the last one left, they will rush you. Makes using cover too slow to keep up with the suicide bombers.


What this does for us free aimers.  It makes it so a lot of the times we have to use Dead Eye to stop this.  I think we all know a body shot in free aim feels better than a head shot using dead eye and in the original Red I didn’t need to use Dead Eye near as much. The result was uninterrupted combat that ran smoother.

I’m not saying it’s broken, just could have been more balanced. These guys literally are all have a death wish.



The Bounty System.


I hate criticizing this one. It is so much better than GTA5 but it’s still needs A LOT of work. 


I think the better way to have done this would have been to up the difficulty of the bounty hunter encounters (significantly) with both fighting or  losing them, but lowering the frequency at which you run into them. They just keep coming man, you almost need an Alien motion tracker to keep up with em’



At some point I accepted that the laws in this game only apply to me. I had to, I was getting too pissed.

I have had people I never provoked in anyway whatsoever stab me to death 3 feet in front of a Lawman and watch as they stand bye doing nothing about it.

I have seen NPC’s  jump on other NPC’s horses which would be considered stealing if I did it, and ride off and nobody cares. 

Not the Lawman standing right there or even the horses owner. Speaking or horses..



What is the reason to own a fast horse in this game?

Unless it’s for that ride from Van Horn to Blackwater stay dry challenge, ( did it with Arthur, go on a sunny day and cross your fingers after the dam) their speed is really insignificant. Try out running a bounty hunter that’s shooting at you sometime.

Even on a speed 10 Missouri Fox Trotter I am being kept a pace with by hunters on Shire Horses!

Ever climb on a shire and ride around? Those things are turtles, but between a bounty hunters legs they are speedy freaking Gonzales. We get it rockstar you wanted it to be hard. Just do it legit. Don’t cheat us.

Give some of those bounty hunters better horses... but they won’t do that because then you could get a fast horse you wouldn’t have to buy.


Its obvious they wanted to keep the best horses in the game under lock and key. Everyone in the Wild West apparently rides Morgan’s and Walkers or Saddlers. Nobody owns really good horses, not even the rich. There isn’t even a minute chance that a civilian will be riding one of these creatures. Too bad, would make you keep your eye out a little more with the NPC’s you run into. What’s he riding? Another Saddler:(   This adds a reminder that you are playing a video game and the environment is controlled and restricted. It’s not believable.


Also unless the horse is alone, you can ignore any herd of horses you spot in the wild. They will be average at best and not worth much if you go significantly out of your way to sell them. 

I really don’t understand the thinking here. Having a small chance of finding a really awesome horse in a given herd would only increase people’s drive to explore the stunning world they created. Which is a good thing. Because this world is good and should be explored. 

Sure some people exploit with loading saved games until they get the spawn they want, but so what? Ruining it for those few isn’t worth the rest of us taking a hit.

Let go Rockstar. You can do it. You don’t have to control everything.


Weapons. Why can’t I sell them?

Why can’t I set which weapons I wish to take with me on my saddle and leave the rest at camp?

I’d rather not cycle through 20 weapons to find the one weapon I want every time I want it. Once I set my weapons can you please remember it? This isn’t hard stuff here.



Money. They really keep a big stranglehold on it. I can understand why and I’m not gonna bitch about the rate you get it here.

But if your gonna put such a grip lock on the economy than give us something to actually buy with it. After the start of this game at some point it comes you steal money to give it to the law.  


Why limit the fun? Man when I unlocked stage coach robberies I was on cloud 9. Then my heart sank when they told me they were over after only 4 coach heists.

Why cap this stuff at all? Too much of a good thing I guess.



If you made it this far, agree with me or not, thanks for reading! Let me know what you did or didn’t like!

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Guest Guest176525326

Very well written post, I agree with you on everything.


The bounty hunters chasing you down with a crappy horse is the same thing that happens in GTA V when police catch you in the rubber band motion! So unrealistic... 


All npc’s having crap horses is exactly like you said - a money thing. Unrealistic again!! 


As as for the wanted system, at the minute I’m having a maxed out bounties in most places($1500) and sometimes the frequency of the bounty hunters is almost unbearable to the fact it’s just ain’t very damn realistic again, 7 hunters with 3 dogs followed by another bunch 5 minutes later... come on Rockstar. Like you said, they should be harder to fend off, but chase after you less frequently...

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Catfish Pie

Use the bounty hunters for your own advantage.....that's what I've been doing the last couple of days.


I've made over $2,000 from them.


I have a $1500 bounty in New Hannover and have been holed up inside Guthrie Farm, kill each wave (sometimes 8-9 of them) loot em....repeat. 


You get at least $5-8 dollars change from each wave plus all the rings/bands loot etc - then sell to Fence, it soon adds up. 


I found that if you are stationary in one place sure, they keep coming about every 5-10 mins....but when riding not so much....either way if you wanna use them to your advantage it's very good money. 


I'm beyond the epilogues now, so I like to have bounties as it at least gives you something to do/keeps you on your toes in way of enemies....as there are no more random encounters or enemies anywhere at end game. 

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Don’t get me wrong it is the way it is and I profit from the constant barrage of bounty hunters. But I don’t ever wanna feel like I’m farming anything. Farming isn’t fun.


I think I figured out something last night. The bounty hunters had me cornered and being low on supplies a fight wasn’t my first choice so I put on some cover scent lotion and hid in the bushes. It actually worked!

They totally passed me by. I don’t know if it’s the combination of hiding and scent lotion or just hiding but I am pretty sure I’ve tried hiding before and it alone won’t fool the dogs. If this is correct kudos to Rockstar for going that extra mile here.

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^I've heard that hiding in bush works elsewhere. Not really sure about the scent lotion though but I guess the dogs didn't smell you either! But hiding in a bush works as verified by a few people.


Agree with a lot you said, but I find that making money on a second playthrough is a breeze. I got the gold bar Limpany straight off and already hit up 2 treasure maps. I also found out that you don't need to "unlock" the fence after all. You can go straight to St. Denis and the fence there is fully operational early on. I sold my gold bars and all my other goodies from the Jack Hall Gang Map and have over 3 grand early on. That's plenty for whatever you want to do. As soon as I pass the Valentine bank mission, I'll be rolling in cash. It's a lot easier when you already know the secret stashes in advance.


As for the horses, I really just ride the ones I like. Found a nice chestnut colored horse out in the wild and it kind of feels like it's more my horse since I broke it in. Haven't really felt a huge difference between the stats. I kept the Arabian around just for the speed challenges. Most of the time I'm just trotting around anyway and rarely ever actually need a fast horse.

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I tend to only get Bounties for stupid stuff ATM.  Like being in St Denis, going to hop on my horse and Arthur grabs a random NPC out of the crowd in a chokehold and startsd pounding his Kidneys.


First time I was basically constantly under Bounties-went to the Trapper over in the Roanoake area West of Emerald Ranch-once had the Trapper just shut down and run as I walked up then the Hunters were there, once had him shut down in the middle of a transaction because they were there then four times I spotted them on the Map-always in the same place on the road to the Noreth coming down into the woods.  All within ten minutes.


Hirse-I'm of a simlar mindset.  Only time I've needed a fast horse was during Missions where Arthur and the gang have to flee-had a hard time keeping up.  Or where you have to chase someone on horseback-like GTA, no matter how fast your car is and how good it drives the person fleeing can be in a 40 year old Yugo with three working cylinders and bald tires and will still corner perfectly and drive like they have a rocket engine in the back.  While your $10 Million super speedster turns into a Flintstones car with Teflon Tires on a Icy highway.


Got a 'Profanity Warning' on my own console playing SP because I tried to name my horse 'Mukluk' after my Boxer who died a couple of years ago.  Really-an Native American word for 'Boots' gets a profanity warning?   THAT is where I start thinking it is time to stop buying R* games.


A lot of the other stuff is just buggy crap that shows a lack of 'Give a Schlitz'.

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Cutter De Blanc

Their censor needs some serious work, you can't upload pictures from Hennigan's Stead without renaming them because it has "nig" in it


The mukluk thing is because it contains "klu"


No f*cking room for racism here

Edited by Cutter De Blanc

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On 12/15/2018 at 6:17 PM, Cutter De Blanc said:

Their censor needs some serious work, you can't upload pictures from Hennigan's Stead without renaming them because it has "nig" in it


The mukluk thing is because it contains "klu"


No f*cking room for racism here

I would have never got that 'klu' thing-been going over it every which way trying to figure out what Universe their Censer is located in or maybe it was a curse word to the Muslims or something.


Well, denying me the use of a American Indian word is a form of 'Racism'.


How bout they simply do not CEnser people on their end of the line?  You know-the ones who paid for the game, paid for the Consoles, pay the Electric and Internet, pay for the house it is in, pay for the furniture it sits on...

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On 12/15/2018 at 3:17 PM, Cutter De Blanc said:

Their censor needs some serious work, you can't upload pictures from Hennigan's Stead without renaming them because it has "nig" in it


The mukluk thing is because it contains "klu"


No f*cking room for racism here

I tried to name my horse marsha and got censor warning so i had to. settle with Jan

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