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Last of the West Roleplay is recruiting!


Recommended Posts

Last of the West is the most immersive roleplay experience you can get on console!

Through our discord server we allow players to become whatever they want. From homeless nomads to richest of the rich. Using discord we are able to come very close to replicating mods of GTA on PC. Lead by the a couple of leaders of LiLS (GTA RP community that was founded in 2013) we are a seasoned roleplay community that has seen it all and that is committed to making your story to come to life. Whether that story is bringing lawless criminals to justice or trying to avoid the rope from committing various crimes. We offer those paths and so much more!

What kind of RP community we are
We are a start from scratch RP community. You are given $1000 dollars (unless you contact an admin to increase the starting amount) to start with in our own economy system that you can use to build your character's signature appearance and starting load out. Our economy system is based off of the single player experience in RDR2 so it is more than enough to get your character started. We also offer numerous ways to make money. From searching for treasure maps across the land or running a business empire, if you can think of it we can make it happen.

Kind of characters we currently have
As of this post we have 70+ members that have different backgrounds and different stories that they carry. We have nomadic hunters that like to stay by their selves in the deep wilderness, we have characters that will do anything for a dollar, and we have law abiding citizens that would love to see the criminals hang. All characters have their own story that is presented in a character bio (not required but recommended) that shows the type of character they are and the the story line they wish to follow. This does not mean you have to strictly follow their story. Character to character interactions might convince an outlaw to turn his life around and become a man of the law or vice versa. We have a completely organic world.

About the people that run the community
We have main admins. Eliseo (discord name in our server) and me. We have been apart of running Life in Los Santos, a GTA community, for about 4 years. In Life in Los Santos we have experienced all kinds of roleplaying experience. From novice to veteran roleplayers. In our time we believe we have seen all that the roleplaying community can offer. At LiLS's peak we have had 300+ members and even a contribution to a Kotaku article. We strive to achieve this notoriety again! Our promise to our members is to get to this level of activity again. We will try our best to make this a very immersive RP experience with a friendly community to back it. If you need something added or something to change, our staff will do our very best to please our members.

How to join
To join it is very simple! Just join our discord and state which console you are on to get access to the rest of our server. Character name and bio are not required initially to join but the name will be required to join our Out Of Game and In Game sessions. Our discord link is here: https://discord.gg/EDE9FQc. Staff will respond as soon as possible to get you into our roleplay experience!

If you have any questions. Please message me on discord. I will be more than happily to answer all of your questions and concerns. Thank you!

Edited by ZReich4
Discord updated.
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6 hours ago, MagnumOpuz said:

Definitely interested.

Join the discord server so I can explain more. Or just message me on Xbox (KnotZ BBWs) or PS4 bobbyorrfan4444

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The New Austin Rangers( Rp) are recruiting do you like roleplay. We ride hard.and try to stay ic all the time. Are you mature and like roleplaying the law. ???

Join last of the west rp And look for us near armadillo

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