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update ideas

Ben Foster

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I dont know if rock star see this but all i want to say for a good update idea is for the ending game when jhon marston builds the ranch full is that daily deliveries come to your ranch and deal with them like unload them and all that to make it realistic and fun and also make it so you could hire people to work on your ranch would be fun and dealing with them it would just make it more immersive for the player that love rolelplay like me  

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Not a bad idea. I feel the activities we get to do are plenty. Plenty enough that it feels like you did a good days work.  I wouldn't say no to unloading stuff though. 

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If you see this rockstar


* let us discard or sell weapons 

* fix weapon loss

* more horse stable slots

* you shouldn’t get bounties for self defence 

* let us tuck in the kneckerchief in shirts without buttoning it up like with Arthur’s defult blue everyday shirt.

* more guns especially revolvers.



This is my biggest hope, make everything available to Arthur during a second playthrough kind of like a new game +


In my eyes and probably others free roaming with Black lung is very uncomfortable but if you want to unlock some End game weapons it’s unavoidable. Unlock everything during a second playthrough Rockstar especially since during a second playthrough we’ve gone through the narative reasoning and weight it holds. As cool as it is to play as John bonding with the amazing character that is Arthur, Putting in all the hours hunting, completeing challenges etc and reaping the rewards with someone else Is bittersweet  please make all guns,pelts, locations available for futute playthroughs if possible!



Edited by Killtacular
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The only update i want to see if the diolouge between john and his family time to add some new lines should of been alot more diolouge for forever postgame family.

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