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GTA Arena Wars is yet another blatant money sink!


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This Arena Wars DLC is basically just races, except where other race modes are free this Arena War race mode you have to spend millions just to even race! And it's pretty much pay to win and designed to make you buy shart cards. You have have to buy a workshop warehouse at the Arena near the airport which can cost over a million. Lots of customizations soon racks it up to multiple millions. Then you need to buy a mechanic and vehicle storage etc. There are 3 mechanics and you really need all 3 as they all add different stuff like a basic mechanic, one that can add bennys mods and another that can add weapons (50 Cal guns and different kinds of mines). All 3 is another million. Then you need cars. You can buy ready made armoured vehicles for millions of buy a basic vehicle cheap and add stuff to it yourself. But adding stuff to it will soon cost you in the millions. Then you will need different cars for different classes of races. I spent like 2 million on 1 car then soon realised that i couldn't use that car in all races and was forced to either use a standard car (which will soon get destroyed by rich players with all the weapons and toys) or purchase another car costing yet more millions. You can either grind to make vehicle customizations cheaper or just buy them outright. But everything is over priced either way. People with no or little money will just get roasted by the rich players who can just purchase all the weapons and armour etc right off the bat. So people who can't afford it all and need to grind to unlock all weapons etc and stuff for a cheaper price (which is still expensive) are at a disadvantage. This is basically yet another DLC trying to encourage people into buying shart cards. You don't win much either. It's currently double money and i got like $13k for placing 3rd. So you won't be making back all the millions you spent entering the races in a hurry. And like all race modes, i can see people getting bored of it pretty quickly, and once they do that you will just be left with a totally useless arena warehouse that you spent multiple millions on. Races are inspired by the 2008 Jason Statham Death Race remake. All races take place in the small arena and have booby traps etc. Still plenty of idiots going the wrong way round the track on purpose or parking in the middle to make you crash. Race modes like last man standing, capture the flag, bomb etc. Once you get knocked out, and you will get knocked out pretty quickly, you will get sent to a bar where your are forced to watch the race until it finishes. They have a big fruit machine like wheel on the middle of the bar where you spend $5k to spin for a prize to try suck money out of you while your waiting for the race to finish, but you can't win anything good on it, just $6k and bonus XP and stuff. And if you want to watch the rest of the race on a spectator tablet etc you have to pay to do that too! It's designed to empty your pockets in game and in real life. 

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And oh boy I have the money! Dr/tl

Edited by deadx23
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Holy wall of b&m Batman!

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tldr. learn to paragraph like a sane person.


i like the clothes.

Edited by ciel
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1 minute ago, deadx23 said:

And oh boy I have the money! Drtl

Me too. But it really isn't worth it. Race modes die quickly. When this one dies you will just be left with a useless vehicle warehouse that cost millions. 

2 minutes ago, whywontyoulisten said:

Holy wall of b&m Batman!

Not b&m. I like to give others the heads up. 

5 minutes ago, ciel said:

tldr. learn to paragraph like a sane person.


i like the clothes.

I'm typing on a phone and have giant man hands! 

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