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Its started and i'm out.

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Welp same crap has finally started on RDRO2 that was often happening on gtao. Just spent 2 and 1/2 being griefed by a group of level 90 players with the highest end gear in game including the horses. I warned if they did not revert the process from the buckle glitch this was gonna happen shortly afterward and here we are. People are officially griefing like hell and the whole parley system is garbage 10min they followed me around the whole ten min ruining my animal pelts and tossing fire bottles at everything i tried to do they even dynamited a perfect bear i hunted. The only way to get them to stop is to hop servers and even then they can find you some how. So as with GTA it is with RDR i'm out. Thanks for taking a big ass sh*t all the [email protected]#$ Over the community with this crap. Hide your children hide your wives cuz the purge has started.

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Interesting, Ive came across a Lvl. 81 mother fu cker and he told me he got that high because he was killing a sh*t ton of people with headshots but honestly i knew he was f*ckingn lying. No way in hell with this ranking system you can get that high within a week even if you no life it so what exactly is the belt buckle glitch?

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Belt buckle glitch was patched in the last patch but not before people abused the hell out of it.
There is a post i made about the belt buckle glitch detailing how to do it and what it did.
Basically you would earn any belt buckle close your game immidiately and log in. You would still get the 500 xp but you be able to do the buckle again even if it was a non repeatable buckle. It netted players roughly 30-50k xp an hour.

Honestly i want to enjoy this game but if this is what the game is going to turn into i want no part of it at all. The people he randomly shot up from regular levels to near max did this glitch its the only way to make xp quick enough to do this. The second fastest way is farming the last mission for the story which at max if done properly nets you 10k an hour if you do it perfectly which most people dont.

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It was obvious that this game will be full of griefers within a week. I don't get why people act surprised by this. This has nothing to do with rank related matters. The game lacks many basic pve related features and is just boring. People just end up shooting each other because there are no other things to do in free roam really. 

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Hopefully Red Dead 2 gets a cheater's pool like GTA V and Max Payne 3 did. Less wankers over time, fingers f*cking crossed!! 


You can really tell how nice a group are, when they're stampeding down at you whilst you're fishing, going mad with those bolt action rifles. 

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On 12/12/2018 at 6:24 PM, TheSadisticOwl said:

Rank resets incoming, it seems.

maybe to the people that abusing the glitch, but not to everyone this is an open beta, open beta don't get reset like close beta.

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Ive now come accross several players up higher than the 50s in the online story mode and they proper bastards for staying put and not doing the mission just sort of AFK, im sure they are doing to rank up without having to actually compete 

Edited by GTP_Monkey
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