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[SA|CLEO] MChS - Multiple Crosshairs System

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Hey there everyone! Mysterdogg here, I've made this topic for showing you my biggest CLEO project, which has been actually here in the forums for a few months, but I kept it in my workshop almost like a secret because it was a regular script, not so relevant and full of bugs but my constant work with almost daily improvements and new versions led me to this, let's check it out!


(Video made with v1.6.4, more videos of WiP versions & features in my YT channel)



-In the ReadMe file & INI file, you will find a detailed changelog but also useful information for learning how to manage the mod. If you have any problem or issue don't forget to first check those files before posting it here.

-Feel free to post your ideas, suggestions, feedback, requests & even contributions, just don't forget to follow the Forums Rules.


-The crosshair textures are static, not dynamic like the default crosshair system.

*-The mod has a limited compatibility with added models.

-The mod is also partially compatible with the story mode, specifically when you need to shoot in first person view.


- Compatibility with the in-game controls.

- Unique crosshairs for the main weapons.

- Fully customizable settings.

- Different available presets.

- Compatibility with added weapons & vehicles*.

- Compatibility with the default aiming settings.

-Support for custom presets.

-Support for custom textures.

- Kill marker feature. 

- *new* Blood on-screen feature.

- *new* Aiming extra zoom feature.



Mixsets by @Junior_Djjr

Silentpatch by @Silent



- IMFX by @DK22Pac



- Magic TXD by @DK22Pac



v1.6.5 coming soon!


Optional Presets for v1.6.4






Edited by Mysterdogg
Updated topic.

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A dedicated version for those who want a simpler mod with less customizable settings, no extra features. Just the multiple crosshair textures!



Coming soon!

Edited by Mysterdogg
Updated Post.

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Reserved ;) 

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Thank you man! :D

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