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Flippin' Moose Antlers?!?

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Okay, fah rall, where the flip are the soddin' moose? I have looked at every guide and videos showing the Cairn lake, the place to get the white arabian horse, veteran's house, north area where you get the legendary moose near Annesburg. But I can't seem to find a single one. I've been using herb bait, one guide said use that plus pred bait. And then, I just kneel down away with scent lotion forever and then I find nothing happens, or a weird squirrel is there when I see that there is a track I haven't seen before.

Is anyone having this issue? I also need in general three moose pelts for the trapper as well. 

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They are just really really rare. Keep doing what you are doing and they will eventually turn up.  Took me 3 real world weeks of hunting them to even find a female.


A tip though, they aren't just gonna spawn out of thin air while you sit and watch the spots. Just like searching for cars in GTA, you need to travel a good distance away then return to the area to get new animals to spawn. Like, go far enough that you get the area out of your sight.

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Sorry to say im kinda glad that I’m not the only one with issues finding a moose. 

Decieded to take a break free m the main story missions (wanna drag this story out, I just started chapter 3 and looking back I kinda rushed the first two) and right now trying to unlock all the upgrades Pearson offers. Already bagged the Legendary Moose so I didn’t think finding a regular moose would be a issue. 

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Just like the videos, I camp near Carim Lake until morning.  Save.  Then apply Cover Lotion, and slowly go back, and forth to the lake.  9/10 a moose will spawn on the lake.  Now which kind of moose spawns can be a real pain.  I tried for a good 2hrs getting that elusive 3* Bull Moose, and finally said screw it.  All I need is the antlers and settled for a 2* one.  I do seem to have decent luck up there getting the 3*  Non-Bull Moose though.

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