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Cant get more ammo


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Im new to the game and pretty new to gaming-the only other thing ive played is super mario.


Anyway, im in horshoe camp and out of ammo and i cant figure out how to get more?  When i google it says i need to find the ledger next to the cash box-i do see a ledger but it gives me no option to open it.


Also, is there any way i can feed the o driscoll tied to the tree?

Ok i think i found it-i found the cash box and what looks like a ledger next to it, however it only gives me the option to donate, not to buy anything? It displays money amounts in the top right of my screen when im near it-one is 50 something znd the other is 12 something.


How do i open the ledger and buy ammo?

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Let me try to help.  In Camp you can pick up Ammo behind Arthurs Wagon.  It is going to be a limited suppply.


Once you figure out how to access the Ledger-that does not happen right away in the Horseshoe camp, you may have to do a couple of Missions first, you will be able to upgrade Arthurs Wagon, Pertersons Food Wagon and the Medical Wagon along with other parts of the camp.


Ammo can be purchased at any Gunsmith in town-in your case Valentime, go to Gunsmith and browse the catalogue and buy ammo.


At this point you will be limited on buying any guns from there so just worry about ammo, get the Bandolier and gunbelt upgrades as soon as you can as well as they add perks like more ammo capacity.

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Thank you! I guess theres no option to feed the odriscoll? He keeps saying hes hungry and i feel bad, lol.

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