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Shred N Slash

Some problems

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Shred N Slash

Heya, people. Recently decided to get GTA 2, but there's some problems I'm facing.


  1. Large frame drops in fullscreen mode - Playing in fullscreen makes the game run in 5-8fps. Playing in windowed mode, however, lets me run the game at capped 30fps. I already edited max_frame_rate in regedit.
  2. Weird menu - My menu is weird. It's a small box with weird aspect ratio at the top of the screen with a black bar somewhere in the middle. Has some contrast issues as well.
  3. No intro movie - I assume an intro movie is supposed to play upon the game's launch? It just skips straight to the menu for me.
  4. Crash whenever I get into a vehicle - Game crashes whenever I get into a vehicle too. What a bummer :/


I've got Widescreen Fix installed and my game is from gtamp.com, since I couldn't run the classic from Rockstar's website. Can anyone suggest any fixes, at least for points 1 and 4? Thanks in advance.

Edited by HotlineVice19603

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AMD cpu?


for weid menu problem: right click on .exe, properties, compatibility, "disable display scaling on high DPI settings"

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Shred N Slash

Nope, Intel.


Ticking the 'Disable display scaling on high DPI settings' box didn't help.

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Trial and error with the compatibility modes... Although, to be honest, they have almost never worked for me, for any problem.


Which operating system? Windows 10?

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Shred N Slash

Windows 8.1 (yuck, I know.)

Compatibility Modes don't help.

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