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Ideas to Make Red Dead Online MUCH Better (New)


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I like Red Dead Online, but here are some things that I feel would make it much, much better.  I submitted some of this as feedback to Rockstar:


- Instead of showing player dots on the map, just show a circle with a radius of the area a player could be in (similar to how it is done when finding characters/strangers in story mode, but with a wider radius.)


- In free roam, have an option to bounty hunt other players. But in order to do this, your wanted level can't be above a certain level.  Also, players can have the option to go to a sheriff station and get a badge, to earn more money/rewards per bounty as a lawman, or be a lone bounty hunter and get less cash per bounty (or something like that.), but with less moral restrictions.  As a sheriff, you could also stop other random event crime taking place between npcs and earn rewards.

Also, have a circle around wanted players instead of a dot like mentioned above, but make it a wider radius. (So that you have to use more skill to find and catch a wanted player)


Have wanted posters on buildings around the map, with pictures of other players' actual characters who have been committing crimes (along with the players' made up character names). Then, in order to find players, bounty hunter/lawmen players will need to recognize players from their wanted poster pictures & description.  The more serious crimes you commit, the more posters that would be placed (if witnessed).


If you want to add an extra layer, make it so that the location radius size on the map around outlaws becomes smaller (meaning you're easier to find) based on the number of witnesses that have seen you commit a crime, because your location would be easier to pinpoint if many people saw you.  And more careful outlaws will be harder to find, with a larger radius.


- In free roam, having this bounty system would cut down on player "griefing", as people would hunt those players down for more reward.


- Also have a PvP mode in online where some people start as a group of lawmen, and some as a group of outlaws.  In this mode, the more crimes (or type of crimes) you commit as an outlaw, the higher your score, and as a lawman, the more outlaws you catch or crimes stopped, the higher your score.  And make the maps for this bigger than the other PvP modes, with the similar player radius circles on the map instead of location-exact dots.


I feel like these would give the online game more of a "purpose", as opposed to a random free for all.  


Please, also have separate lobbies for free aim only (for all game modes). I don't have a problem with people wanting to use auto aim/aim assist at all, but it takes more skill using free aim, and is much more satisfying when you do something - there are many other people who feel this way.  When playing this, you kind of want to feel like an old-fashioned sharpshooter -  and sharpshooters in the wild west didn't have auto aim, lol.  Players should have the choice between all free aim or all auto aim lobbies, as putting them together gives the auto aim players a significant advantage. (Also potentially increase damage in free aim only servers).  If you adjust the aim settings in the options menu, free aiming becomes easier with the game's current controls.


In online, have at least like 5 different male and female voices/attitudes you can choose from for your character (with adjustable pitch, etc.) that at least say basic lines, and a variety of greetings/insults so that you can interact with other players & npc's.  This is one of the most immersive/charming things about the story mode.  Also, include the option to stay silent if players want.


Have more incentive to earn money or get rewards.  Make the items you buy/rewards more unique (that you buy with in-game currency), with limited time/quantity items as well. (with things that would fit in the western setting).


Also, potentially increase the amount of players in free roam lobbies, due to the large map size.

In my opinion, all of these things would make Red Dead Online much better. Feel free to share your suggestions.  I may add more to this later.  Thanks!

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