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Worst to Best Call of duty

Recommended Posts


Alright... COD nowdays is rising from crap to worst. 

But hey, we still got great COD games. And they're good too, let's take a worst to best Call of duty. (my opinion)


1. Call of duty BO4 (futuristic setting, guns look weird, probably not possible technology)

2. Call of duty IW (again futuristic setting, weird guns etc... but better than BO4)

3. Call of duty BO3 (again futuristic setting... campaign was ok)

4. Call of duty AW (futuristic setting... campaign was a bit better)

5. Call of duty BO2 (old and futuristic setting, great characters, different endings)

6. Call of duty MW3 (great ending, memorable characters, present time)

7. Call of duty BO1 (1960's setting, great characters, useful guns, fun and especially... Nuketown in multiplayer)

8. Call of duty 1 (WWII setting, hard missions especially the protagonist only in the dam mission)

9. Call of duty MW1 (great characters, fun missions, sniper mission in Pripyat contained the best mission in the franchise)

10. Call of duty WAW (fun missions, brutal, Soviet campaign was awesome)

11. Call of duty MW2 (great story, fun missions, memorable characters, betrayal)

12. Call of duty 2 (great missions, 3 campaigns, the feeling in WWII, great sounding guns)


Honorable mentions (best)

1. Call of duty WWII (campaign was ok, missions were fun, airsoft-like sounding guns)

Edited by ZekoX

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I'll only rate the ones I've played since the 7th gen consoles as I think anything prior to CoD4 was superior in story.

Single Player Campaign:

  1. World At War (2008)
  2. MW2 (2009)
  3. WWII (2017)
  4. CoD4: MW (2007)
  5. Black Ops 2 (20??)


  1. CoD4: MW
  2. MW2
  3. Black Ops 2
  4. WWII
  5. World At War

As you can see there are large gaps in there, simply because I got tired of their schtick.  I also played the first Black Ops, but at that point I was so done with CoD that I returned it within 2 weeks and didn't play one again until Black Ops 2.  After that I was done with the futuristic settings and waited.  WWII was announced and I jumped in about a month after release.

World At War, to this day, has the most intriguing storyline and gameplay.  Switching back and forth between the European Eastern Front and the Pacific Island-Hopping Theatre was great.  After that the MW story comes in and 2 did a great job following up it's predecessor (but I can't say the same about it's successor(s)).  

As for the online multiplayer - as much as I loved World At War single player, it's multiplayer was a hobbled together piece of garbage.  Easily bugged out, easily glitched, and easily hacked.  It was ridiculous.  MW and MW2 take the top list for me because they actually had some maps where you could do squat and prey sniping....not long distance like in Battlefield, but still very effective lane controls similar to cover fire techniques with LMG's.  MW2 was the downslide of it as everything started catering to Run'N'gun (sometimes coupled with no/quick-scoping).  They always seem to have 1 map that REALLY caters to sniping, but it is designed in a way where the sniper positions are over exposed and just really limits the experience.

Edited by DarksunDaFirst

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Literally the best COD, dont f*ckn @ me.

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2 hours ago, Static said:



Literally the best COD, dont f*ckn @ me.


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I'm sorry for the kiddos today but the latest generation of CoD is nothing more than a bunch of shiney toys to distract you and will never have the pleasure of playing greatness at its height of infamy


That being said these three and i'm sure the vast majority of that older generation will agree maybe not in the same order but surely the same tiles


#1 - CoD: Modern Warfare 2

# 2 - CoD World at War

# 3 CoD 2 - Big Red One


It's the same order regarding Online & Single Player for me.


While the latest World War II was decent enough and was the first CoD I've purchased since AW, I don't like all this futurist will never happen flying around on jetpacks shooting mutants, rotbots and zombies never going to happen in reality type games.


I like my War Games to at least have some basis of reality in them where something COULD be like that in the future but to make them so unrealistic turns it off for me big time.



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Jerking For Soup

1. MW2

2. Cod4

3. Black Ops

4. WaW

5. Cod 2

6. the rest


nothing can dare come f*cking close to MW2. That was one of the games I literally cry tears to reminiscing about.

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American Venom

I've only played a few so can't comment on the whole series, but out of the ones I've played...


1) Black Ops.

2) WW2.

3) Modern Warfare.

4) WAW.

5) Infinite Warfare.

6) Ghosts.

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I completely agree that Call of Duty is better as a historical or modern setting game than a futuristic game! Below is my list.



1. WAW

2. WW2

3. AW (the only good futuristic COD game, IMO)

4. MW2

5. Cod4

6. Black Ops

7. MW3

8. Cod2

9. Cod1



10. BO2



11. BO3

12. IW

13. BO4

14. Ghosts

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I only played up to World at War, because after that it was clear that Activision was simply squeezing the franchise on a yearly basis with no innovation. Modern Warfare remains my most favorite FPS Shooter experience. It was the first title with reworked graphics, new cinematic direction and the game itself had an interesting story and fun, varied mission design. WAW was a good follow-up, but I abandoned the FPS genre after that.  

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Modern Warfare 2 is the best.   The airport scene satisified my thirst for civilian casualties and the online multiplayer is still alive and active today.   Great multiplayer fun.


The worst, Black Ops 3/CoD AW.



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This is my personal best to worst

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Bad Azz

I did not play a lot of Call of Duty games, but here's my list from favorite to least favorite:


Modern Warfare 2

Black Ops

Big Red One

World at War

Modern Warfare 3

Black Ops 2


As you can see, I got sucked into Call of Duty during it's glory days and that's where I'll be eternally stuck when it comes to this franchise.


I played Big Red One a lot as a kid, on my original Xbox. Then I was only properly reintroduced to the franchise way later, as a teen, in the World at War era. Modern Warfare 2 is the first COD game I ever bought, and by that time I was full on the COD wave.


Trust me, this game was something!


Then I came Black Ops which I also liked a lot. But by the time MW3 came out, I was getting tired of the engine and design. MF3 is when the franchise started losing its soul. In terms of ''feelz'', MW3 never got close to replicating anything from its predecessors. 


Black Ops  2 was trash, so was Ghost. Ghost is that game you even forgot that it exists in the first place. Lol. But let's keep it at that, 


Then came Advanced Warfare, which I had predicted back in 2009. It all turned into a giant farce from there.


I don't even undertsand how they keep selling this stuff.

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10.Black Ops 4

9.COD 3


7.COD 1

6.Black ops 2

5.COD 2



2.COD 4 MW

1.Black Ops 1

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Top my best and fav cod's


Black ops 

black ops 2




Top awful COD. Which i played


Black ops 3

Black ops 4


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Arrows to Athens

My top 3 goes as follows:


1. MW2

2. MW3

3. BO2


Everything else I don't really care for. I'm just waiting on MW2R.

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Call of Duty 4 was the last good one IMO. The rest was just copy and paste. I don't think I'll ever understand why this franchise is still so popular.

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