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Do you guys have any idea what is this ?


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Hello guys, so today i was just normally playing gta san andreas from steam. I was in a mission called ''Stowaway'' i did the mission and then i jumped off from the plane to parachute. Right when i was going down i saw this. Is this a glitch because of me or is it a bug that everyone has ? Thank you for your answers from now.



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First of all, why did you use a clickbait-esque title for this thread? (Don't actually answer that.)


What you saw is nothing new. It's known as the Sky Doors because they are obviously entrances in the sky, but these ones are placed abnormally low. The game's flight limit is not for keeping you from outer space or anything like that but rather to keep players from seeing where all the interiors in this game are stored. In simple terms, Rockstar doesn't want you crashing an AT-400 into some tall building in Liberty City or trying to land it in Vice City. The Andromada in Stowaway is actually just another interior placed really high in the sky and is above the Sky Doors. This explains why players can see the Sky Doors. It's only during this mission's end in which the player jumps from such a height. Both used interiors such as Liberty City and unused interiors such as Vice City are both present in the sky but as mentioned, the Sky Doors are barely above the flight limit.


Also, in the case that you see a UFO far south when leaving the Cluckin ' Bell, it's actually the smoke from the stove of the Cluckin' Bell's interior. The smoke effects are simply bigger than what the interior lets you see, go through the roof, and eventually disappear seconds after leaving.

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