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The Akula Masters

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We fly Akulas cooperatively to feast on the tears of squeakers. And to make easy GTA$. Would you like to join us? All you need on your PS4 are:

  • a headset,
  • a hangar,
  • a facility, and
  • a well-armored Akula with homing missiles and bombs.


The highest-ranking crew member in a lobby by Social Club hierarchy (Muscle, Representative, Lieutenant, etc.) will be the CEO/VIP, and that member will invite the three next-highest-ranking other crew members in the lobby into that member's organization. This allows all crewmates to see each other's locations even when in stealth mode.


Priority 1: Run the CEO/VIP Headhunter mission as often as possible. This will make us a lot of easy, quick money.

Priority 2: Defeat whatever other mission is running in the lobby, such as Stand Your Ground, etc.

Priority 3: Kill as many other non-crew members in the lobby as possible while dying as little as possible through expert use of the Akula.


Rule 1: Follow the three priorities strictly (Priority 2 is more important than Priority 3, and Priority 1 is more important than Priorities 2 and 3).

Rule 2: If you are the crew's CEO/VIP for the lobby, you are required to invite crewmates into your organization unless you are full; if you are not the crew's CEO/VIP for the lobby, you are required to accept an invitation to join that organization unless it is full.

Rule 3: When another crew member is in your lobby, you are expected to fly the Akula (or ride in one) exclusively.

Rule 4: An organization of crew members must keep "Friendly Fire" set to "off."

Rule 5: You may not attack another crewmember.

Rule 6: You are required to provide crew leadership a link to youtube with video evidence of violation of these priorities and rules when you observe them so we can take prompt and appropriate action.


I look forward to inviting you!



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