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San Fierro Şehri Hikayeleri


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Hi everyone, I haven't been interested in gta games for university exams for a while, I found a short time now and I wanted to share the tasks I had done with you before. Since I am new to the forum, I do not yet know exactly where to open the topics or how to use the forum, but I doubt that I will resolve it as soon as possible. The task I have done consists of 9 chapters. To the story: Fred, our character's name, Fred is a young man who has just arrived at San Fierro and is struggling for free. Later he contacted the underground gangs of the city of San Fierro and found a place among them. His boss starts working for Richard. But later on he will wait for betrayals and pains. This is the case, the game was created with the support of Turkish language, I have published here on the recommendation of a friend. You can also access my Dyom Profile here.


In-game view: https://i.hizliresim.com/16YrAD.jpg


http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/54933 part 1


You can access my other profile from my dyom profile.






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