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chronic lumbago

Far Cry New Dawn

Recommended Posts

Cosmic Gypsy
On 12/8/2018 at 6:22 PM, Raavi said:

This looks like steaming garbage. 

Swear down that is what every Far Cry looks like now days. Last good FC was 3.

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The Far Cry franchise only became truly playable for me when they finally gave us the option to turn all the HUD and notification/guides crap off. So that's Primal and all that followed.

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it costs 20$ so ill get it now and play it once im done with the division2

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Posted (edited)

So you won't find many people more skeptical about New Dawn than I was. Much as I enjoyed 5 for the most part, I hated the ending and post-apocalyptic direction so much that I was pretty butthurt about it for a while. (I dunno, I found gorgeous Montana being rendered a nuclear wasteland pretty depressing).  And when New Dawn was announced, well, it didn't exactly change my mind. 


But just earlier this year I mellowed the f*ck out somehow, and gave 5 another shot (hell, we're coming up on its year anniversary, so I'm already getting nostalgia for it, haha). And not only have I come to embrace the ending and how the game foreshadows and alludes to it in its themes and discussions, but I even found myself wanting New Dawn! So I got it.


First of all, my favorite post-apocalyptic works explore how humanity is rebuilding and most of all, have nature coming back stronger than ever. And that's pretty much what New Dawn is. However, Hope County isn't completely a New Eden, but rather a New Eden in its infancy, and there are still barren areas and inaccessible radioactive zones that look just like Fallout 3. I can't remember the last time I've seen a contrast like this (maybe New Vegas?), and it's pretty cool. You really get the sense that the new world is in its infancy (it's only been 17 years, after all), and you and everything you work for is to help it along. It helps that the map is amazing. It's quite a bit smaller than 5's, which is a real shame (barely any Whitetail Mountains? No Raptor Peak? :(), but what we do have is rugged but gorgeous and actually has a little more variety, which pleasantly surprised me. You'll have more barren areas that are reminiscent of the Grand Senora Desert from GTA V, and you'll also have lush forests. And the Northern Lights! Sooo much Skyrim nostalgia.


And the gameplay, well, it's still a Far Cry game alright. They added RPG-like health bars for the enemies and the ability to see damage dealt, but I just turned it off for my immersion (the HUD customization is great, by the way, and even gives you a helpful image that shows exactly what you're turning off), and it feels about the same, really. Yeah, some enemies are bullet sponges, but there were bullet sponges in the older games too, and 9 times out of 10 I find that a good headshot dusts a f*cker. Much more interestingly though is the new upgrade system, which is based around your home base of Prosperity. You still have the perk system, but it seems most of the upgrades are tied to upgrading your base's various aspects (upgrading the workbench allows you to craft higher-ranked weapons, for example), which really encourages you to get out there and explore and loot the hell out of everything, and I love it. 


Speaking of the weapons, they're pretty interesting. Most of them are the same from 5, given a new rickety coat of paint, but I've also noticed that reload times are much slower. It makes sense due to how old and rusty many of these weapons are, and definitely adds a bit more challenge and strategy to fights. And there is a new weapon, the Saw Launcher. It's awesome. It toes the line between offering something new and crazy without going too far into Ratchet and Clank/Saints Row IV gonzo territory, and I love it. It's powerful, the saws ricochet awesomely, and it's just ridiculously fun to use. Just be careful if there are friendlies or hostages involved... haha. One gripe I have is that weapon customization is pretty much gone. I know that most components wouldn't be as common in this setting, but we could have at least had different paint apps, or been able to apply the home-made mods like the spray can silencers ourselves.


As for the story, so far it's pretty meh, but story has never really been a strong point for these games. I am missing the creepiness of the Project at Eden's Gate (and all their awesome songs), but the Highwaymen are pretty decently despicable too and I love taking them down, and Mickey and Lou are pretty fun. I also can't wait to catch up to Joseph Seed and see what he's been up to.


And one last thing... the soundtrack is awesome. So many tracks here give me serious Blood Dragon vibes, and that's definitely a compliment. A big one.


Overall, I'm not far in at all and so far am not regretting my purchase in the least, especially at that price. It's a Far Cry game, alright. There are a few changes and tweaks but at the end of the day, it's still Far Cry. If you're a fan of the series, you'll probably enjoy this too. If you're not, then this won't change your mind.


UPDATE - Well, yesterday I beat the main story and a fairly decent amount of side content. To bring up Assassin's Creed, this is very much the Rogue to 5's Black Flag. Gameplay wise it's by and large identical, but they've added a new story, coat of paint and some new weapons and mechanics to keep it fresh, and IMO, it works. The story isn't anything special, but I do think it has some interesting characters and ideas, especially what they do with Joseph Seed.


By the end, they turned the Father from a character I despised (in a good way, mind you) to someone I really felt for, to the point where I really hesitated to kill him. But kill him I did, as he did plead for it, but afterward I felt surprisingly remorseful. I already started up a second playthrough (helps that the story's really short and I hadn't done EVERYTHING) partly to spare him at the end, because even if he does beg for a way out, I want to leave him a real chance to redeem himself and find peace, as unlike the Twins, I actually got the sense that he'd genuinely come to regret all the horrible things he'd done. And with New Eden in ruins but with some members still around, they need someone to lead them.


Joseph was great, Ethan was pretty good, the Twins... well I certainly found them cool and despicable (I got major Vaas vibes), but the game makes this attempt to make you sympathize with them in the end that not only felt abrupt, but unearned, especially after everything they'd done. Good villains IMO, but they needed more development and nuance for that sympathetic turn to really work. This is kind of a problem with the campaign as a whole, though - it's really short, and introduces some cool characters and ideas but doesn't use them to their maximum potential, and I know this is a $40 spinoff and not a full game, but I still think it could have been fleshed out a lot more. Oh well.


Otherwise, I've really enjoyed every moment of my time with this game. The gameplay is as fun and solid as ever, and in the end turning off the RPG-lite elements (the health bars, the damage numbers) didn't effect things that much the whole way through. Yeah, some enemies and animals are definite bullet sponges (cougars are f*cking cocks), but that's mostly just because you've got crap weapons. Once you upgrade your weapon bench and acquire those awesome, powerful weapons, you're good to go. I really love the whole Prosperity upgrading mechanic in general, really. And the expeditions! I haven't done all of them, but I really, really love them. Giving us a bunch of missions taking us to areas that are quite different from Hope County, and letting us replay them on harder settings to earn more loot... gaaaah I love it so much. Also nice to see sharks return. When are we gonna get another tropical Far Cry game, Ubi?


So yeah, I've found myself really loving New Dawn, and I recommend it to anyone who liked 5, especially if you wanted more closure from the ending and some of its characters. Maybe wait for a price drop if you're on the fence, but I'm not regretting my $40 dollar purchase at all. Then again, I am a major Ubi Stan so take what I say with a grain of salt 😛

Edited by BenMitchell90

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Does this game have an option for lowering weapons?


If not I'm a tad confused by the first few seconds of this clip. Can someone please explain?



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