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Bernie Crane shoulda been a friend!

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Yes, I know he was Niko's friend, but I'm talking about a friend to do activities with! Like, bowling, darts, drinking, eating, pool, but since he's gay, not strip clubs. But the thing about Bernie is that he's a really interesting character that we shoulda gotten to know more about! Like in the activites, Bernie would talk to Niko about during the war, when he got on the boat, and how he met Bryce, and how he changed from Florian to Bernie! It woulda been so interesting! Niko would catch up with him, and bond with him with activites! 


What do you think? Bernie shoulda been a friend to do activities with in the fourth game, right? The last one, right after Packie! I know some of you didn't like the friendship activities, but you really learn about the characters in them and connect with them!

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I wish Bernie was a friend and Hossan too for that matter.

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i wish there had been more of a connection between Luis and Nikko just to make the 2 stories connect better, it was very disjointed, it was like Luis didnt exsist in Nikkos world apart from the missions he appears in, for example the 2 clubs Nikko couldnt see them yet Roman went there with Brucie, i think rockstar f*cked this up.

Also end of the game Nikko never asks what happened to Bulgarian, just so many connections missing.

Some people wont care but being a fan of both games it matters to me, it has always irritated me and i feel i could have written it better than rockstar, but i still apreciate the game for what it is.

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I agree with the OP as I really do like Florian Cravic much like most other characters in the game. In addition, I also truly think that Luis Fernando Lopez should’ve had Tony Prince as a friend to do activities with and that Malc and DeSean should’ve also been friends for Johnny Klebitz to do activities with.

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