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Goldstate Soldiers


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G'day anyone reading this I  am inviting you to Goldstate Soldiers


We are a crew on XB1 and PS4 that has been created specifically for money grinders to sell your product.


We specialize in the following:


Crew only public sessions

Friendly sessions to sell products in

Making lots of gta money

and lots more

Our crew was created after it had become impossible to sell product in full public sessions with it getting destroyed.

We want to grow the crew so we can always have highly populated lobbies, so everyone can get the high demand bonus.

We are mainly European based, English speaking crew at the moment but welcome anyone worldwide.

You are welcome if you are a group, or lone wolf players.


We only have a few rules thats are:


You must be a friendly player, no killing other crew members.

You must never destroy another crew members product.

You must be in Goldstate Soldiers crew when in our lobby, if not we will assume you will be hostile and kicked from the session


Please make sure that you have your 'GOLD' crew active when you join the lobby so we know that you are friendly. You will be monitored to make sure you are not hostile and are the same type of player as us

Try-hards and glitchers need not apply!



If you join to troll the crew  you will be kicked on sight Link:https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/goldstate_soldiers/wall

Edited by Lordasbo
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Uncle Sikee Atric

I'm not trolling....

But the next time you create 20+ threads, all advertising your Crew, all in rapid succession, when you should only have one thread.  Then I'll be passing the matter to other Staff Members for the issue to be dealt with.


Please read and follow the Recruitment Forum Rules.


Thank you.


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