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Gold Eagle Armed Forces [PS4]


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I am looking for players interested in starting a new military like gang on RDR2 on PS4. I know that online is still a bit rough at the moment and not at full potential, but I figured now is a good time to recruit members. If you're searching for a "military like" group that's into free roam gang battles, organized divisions, loyalty, team work, and occasional military role play then this is the group for you. To be clear, you're not required to attend scheduled battles. We just give you the opportunity. A lot of important details about the army won't be mentioned in this post. I'll give you the jist of it and you decide if it's something that might interest you. 17+ ONLY and Mic Required

Contact me: Marshall1288 on PS4 or PM me here. 

First things first, I need leaders. Leaders with confidence to speak to other players and a level head to give advice to the President and others. You're welcome to join as a soldier or apply for an officer position, but right now I'm in great need of like minded leaders to start a foundation. 

  • Myself and 4 others will represent the Heads of State. The President, Vice President, Attorney General, General of Army, and the 5th position is to be determined. Each responsible for different things to help keep us running smoothly. Together we'll plan battles with other gangs and posses and do whatever we can to make sure everyone has a fun experience.


  • Officers are needed to lead divisions. Officers will lead divisions of 7. Some divisions are permanent while others are temporary. Some officers will prefer to lead their own tight group, while others might lead some random army members to do other tasks. Officers are there to find something to do for their division. They are also the direct contact to the Heads of State  for the soldiers if an issue or anything else needs to be addressed. I'm expecting good leadership skills to fill my officer positions. 


  • Soldiers are the backbone, of course. The muscle of the army. Soldier positions are widely available for players that are looking to just have fun. Whether that's battling along side fellow men and women in arms or just hunting and enjoying the beautiful scenery together. You can ensure that someone always has your back. Soldiers also have the opportunity to rise up the ranks at some point if they choose.
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Solo Lobbies, tired of kindergarden fortnite, dynamite sticks should cost 10$


The only seccure way is not yet available, lowering your PS4 MTU to lowest - 650, than you get solo public lobbies all the time (works on GTA), even better cause if Rockstar allows formal invite lobbies on RDR2, they will not allow you to grind


I try it everyday on RDR2 but connection fails, the lowest I could set was 850 MTU and that gets you in crowded lobbies still


BUT -  my friend - BUT - There is still a clever way around it though - When you choose an region to spawn the game puts you in a lobby where that region has most players, never fails - Robbstar wants grinders grieffed so they give up and use real money to rank up in the future, why else would they alert the whole map to grieff your missions ?


So let's say you want to enjoy the peace and beauty of Strawberry - You select to spawn on Saint Denis region (Fortnite Kindergarden on the loose) and from there you fast travel to Strawberry (5$) witch is your goal and will be empty all around for miles


Is not a perfect method but so far is the best way I found out, have you noticed your spawn areas are always the most crowded if you stay there ?


If the system turns right to be able to F... you, just figure out how to turn left to F... the system, good luck and you guys may add LordLoff as friend, hope in the future there are opportunities to share private adventures in peace, tc

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  • 2 weeks later...

Due to this insane holiday month I wasn't able to pick up and start the army the way I intended. That being said, I'm ready to go now. And I still need recruits. Soldiers, Officers, and other leaders to help me make this army strong and mpst importantly FUN. Message me on ps4 if you're ready to join.

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