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Dead Eye and Passive Abilities (Poll)

Which cards would you prefer to use?  

2 members have voted

  1. 1. Which cards would you prefer to use?

    • A Moment To Recuperate - While Dead Eye is active, you slowly regenerate health. Taking any damage will cancel your Dead Eye.
    • Focus Fire - While Dead Eye is active, you and your team members deal a little more damage. If more than one member of your team has this ability active, the effects do not stack.
    • Paint It Black - While Dead Eye is active, you can paint targets onto enemies. Fire your weapon to shoot all marked targets. Each shot drains Dead Eye.
    • Slow And Steady - While Dead Eye is active, you take a little less damage and headshots do not kill you outright. You cannot run or sprint.
    • Quite An Inspiration - While Dead Eye is active, you and your allies slowly regenerate health. If more than one member of your team has this ability active, the effects do not stack.
    • Slippery Bastard - While Dead Eye is active, enemy players cannot lock onto you, and you cannot lock onto them. Other enemies are a little less accurate when shooting at you. The rate at which your Dead Eye drains is dramatically increased.
    • Horseman - You deal a little more damage while on Horseback.
    • Necessity Breeds - As you get closer to death, you start to do a little more damage.
    • Landon's Patience - Waiting for up to 15 seconds between shots slightly increases your damage.
    • The Short Game - You deal a little more damage to targets closer to you but less damage to targets farther away.
    • Hangman - Your lasso chokes your enemies, dealing a little damage to them for every second they're lassoed.
    • Winning Streak - Each consecutive shot on the same target does a little more damage than the last.

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I cannot find a thread on this. Here are my questions. If there's another thread, just send a link.


1) How much XP is needed from Level II Dead Eye to Level III?


2) How much $ does it cost to get Level II Dead Eye to Level III?


3) How much XP needed to get Level I Passive Ability to Level II, then III?


4) How much $ does it cost to get Level II Passive Ability to Level III?


5) When you get 10,000 XP/10,000 XP for a card, is that 10,000 XP subtracted from your Level?


I haven't bought a single Ability card yet, but I figured I should before I hit Level 100. I don't know which cards to choose yet.


If I choose Horseman, I will have to rely on staying on my horse more for increased damage when I could benefit from being on foot.


If I choose Necessity Bread, I'll have to risk myself to have lower HP when I could be using Tonics that fortifies my HP with full golden bars.


If I choose Landon's Patience, I'll have to shoot so slowly and even killed cos not shooting back. But could do one shot kills, right?


The Short Game, there is something I don't understand. I understand my damage is increased in close quarters. But what about ranged. Is the increased damage, slight for ranged? I mean, long ranged damage might be increased slightly but close quarters is massively increased. I don't understand this. Someone clear this up.


Hangman, I don't know what use I'll have of this. Except to kill people all over free roam.This might help for hunting, right? Choking animals for perfect pelts? I don't know.


Winning Streak, they seems good one with semi auto guns. Like if I have Slippery Bastard Dead Eye on, we can't auto lock. But if I fire many rounds with Semi Auto Pistol/Mauser or Semi-Auto Shotguns, but they don't hit the head to instant kill. It'd do more damage.


Thanks for your input.

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