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Quick question


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I'm I the only person who cannot do more than 1 stranger mission without the second one glitching and not starting? I will q up a stranger mission complete it move to next closet one after they get done talking the mission merger starts it just idol lags where all icons disappear and I have to switch lobbies 

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So far it's been hit and miss on Stranger missions. 

I'll usually be running in a posse of two and my buddy will start the mission and about half the time I'll hear the missiongiver start their story and then sending us off without so much as an indicator on where to go or what to do.

Mostly mission involving carts or coaches or the like. Hunting quests seemed to work.

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I did a lot of them,most of the time it worked. Did like 5 or 6 in a row without problems. In st denis something funny happened,see the vid.

Also when we had to deliver 3 bags full of post 2/3 people couldnt deliver their last letter. Had to leave the session because the time ran out but mission didnt end. 

If it works they are by far the best thing you can do(depending on other gangs,if they just ignore you it can be pretty lame).



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I've done them in the first few days without any problem.

Then, since after friday I can't seem to do any mission. The cutscene plays and after it ends, the game doesn't give me any objectives and all the icons vanish from the mini-map.


Pretty sure it's a bug related to the servers. Right now I'm refraining from doing those missions until a fix.

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Me to the first day it was pretty good but as time went on it got worse. I would say it is server related but that's bs cause this is p2p just more people with crappy connections high ping latency or people playing from great distances. You can have nasa grade internet but you can't move a ocean 

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