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Roger Van Zant

[WIP|V] San Andreas: Revisioned

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Roger Van Zant

San Andreas: Revisioned is a mod designed to enhance the atmosphere and environment around GTA V while also making it more modern, and fixing minor issues that are included in the base game.


Why call it San Andreas: Revisioned?

   This mod will be a comprehensive mod that will adjust prop placement, add props, adjust path and pathing issues with vehicles and AI, add traffic signs, and add and increase scenarios around the game world. The plan is to start in Los Santos and gradually work north towards Paleto Bay, releasing parts at a time for a feedback and large-scale playability. This makes it issue to fix bugs that may not have been found by me, as I’m the sole person working on this project.

· What does this mod do exactly?

   The mod is a project of mine that will work in three phases.

  The first phase will be modifying props that are set to “low” priority by default. To elaborate on this, by default Rockstar has set some props to “low”, causing them to never spawn in game. Most of the props are to add to the atmosphere, and to provide clutter, and some do actually bring new things to the game world (fountains, etc.). Alongside this first phase of modifying in game props, I’ve been adding props around the game world to make it more equivalent to the real-world counterpart. With GTA V on PC, the only limitations seem to be what your setup can handle, and I’ve been experimenting with adding new props while making sure frames don’t suffer (added fps overlay to screenshots). To put this into perspective, I play on an i7-6700k at stock, with a 1070 and 16GB ram and most of the screens are downscaled from 4K.

  The second phase seeks to modify and improve on the paths system in GTA V. By default, GTA V has a pretty robust pathing system, but there still hiccups around the game world. Intersections without traffic signals even though the intersection is set as a junction, missing crosswalk signals, etc. The second phase will look to improve on a lot of these and make it more “chaotic” in a sense that instead of having one flow of traffic going at a time, you will have two of the four flows of traffic going (↑↓ traffic flow instead of only ↑ and then ↓).

The last phase deals with scenarios in the game world. A lot of actions seen by AI are done via scenarios. Whether it’s a car pulling into a gas station, or a helicopter flying across the sky, these are all controlled by scenarios. The goal is to have various scenarios that are in the game by default but aren’t enabled for some reason play, as well as adding scenarios like constructions workers during the day in the Mirror Park subdivision under construction.

How is this being done?

   All the work is being done thanks to Codewalker, created by Dexyfex. You can find it here. All the modifications are done using patchday2ng or the base locations under my “mods” folder.

Do you have any screenshots?

Vespucci Beach






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