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Bolt Action or Varmint Rifle


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Which one is the better weapon. I don't know which I should purchase. varmint on the one hand is very fast to aim, but low damage, while the bolt action packs a punch but you better not miss your shot. Which is the better rifle all around?

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bolt action is better for large animals varmint is better for small animals so id say bolt first then varmint.

edit misread the question bolt is better for long range combat which is why i prefer it over the varmint.

Edited by primethief147
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Even though I like the bot action more, I ended up buying the varmint rifle. You can use it to hunt small animals and it's really damn good in PvP. For PvE I use the starting repeater and the semi-automatic pistol. I don't have anything to hunt large animals with but with the varmint rifle and my bow, small and medium sized animals are getting me all the money I need.

Edited by Ezuu
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Varmint is cheap and pays for itself quickly if you hunt some birds. Bolt action is great in pvp and of course for large animals. but varmint is more important,it helps you get the money for the boltaction.

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Hunting large game--Bolt action 

Hunting Cowboys and cowgirls -- Varmint -Its hands down the best gun for pvp at the moment.

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I have both. Even in SP those 2 were my most used firearms.

The bolt-action is the perfect all-round rifle. Perfect for hunting big game. Much better than the repeaters for ranged PVP encounters. Very powerful with devastating damage. Range in sniper class. You can equip a scope and save your money by skipping having an extra sniper rifle that costs a fortune. This rifle can do the same job, and is miles more versatile in any other situations where you do not need a scope(this can be toggled on and off).

The varmint, is of course the big surprise when it comes to PVP. It is lightening fast. But I bought it for hunting even before the "hidden" overpowered feature was shared around. For "farming" birds and small animals fast, it is much better than the bow. The bow is of course good to have for stealth. You can hunt animals quietly without scaring other wildlife away. But when you suddenly see 7 exotic birds(that are worth a lot of money) in the sky, the bow can't compete with the varmint rifle. The varmint can quickly pop down 5-6 birds in flight almost instantly, and in most cases keep the 3 stars of the prey.

Edited by _-Chy-_
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Get varmint first

That way you can get more feathers


Then get the rifle later

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Varmint gets nice headshots, but if you get a body shot it won't do much. If you get hit in the body with a bolt action rifle, it'll take half your health or so and leave your aim shaking all over the place. Hard to say which is better in my opinion, they both do their own thing.


If you're starting up, go with the varmint rifle. It'll make you money hunting, and it's cheap. Ish.

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