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If it were an option, who would’ve you killed?

Bratva Assassin

If it were an option, who would’ve you killed?  

18 members have voted

  1. 1. If it were an option, who would’ve you killed?

    • Mikhail Faustin
    • Dimitri Rascalov

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Bratva Assassin

I know in the actual game you actually kill both, only Mikhail Faustin long before Dimitri Rascalov. However, I personally think that the mission called Master and the Molotov should’ve been a two-way option picking mission, where you get to either kill Mikhail or kill Dimitri and if you kill Mikhail, he becomes Niko’s friend and can hangout or send his Russian mob buddies to Niko’s assistance akin to Dwayne, while Dimitri just simply pays Niko big and wants nothing to do with him ever again akin to Playboy X (and yes, I know The Holland Play comes after this mission). I would’ve definitely gone with killing Dimitri as he was really the true snake. To be completely honest, Dimitri and Playboy X are very similar characters, and Mikhail and Dwayne are also very similar characters. Dimitri and Playboy X are both traitorous, greedy, and power hungry dirtbags who like to use people while Mikhail and Dwayne are often irritable but you really can’t blame them as they've both had too many traitors in their lives. Another reason that would be a plus is that it would also create a lot of buildup on Jimmy Pegorino being the main antagonist especially as at that point, he isn’t even introduced yet AND it would make the Revenge ending that much better.


So..I’m curious to know who you guys would’ve killed had it been an option..

Edited by ThatKyloRenGuy
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Arrows to Athens

Dimitri was the scummiest of the scum.

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Grotti Vigilante

Here’s the thing, at that point in the game we wouldn’t have known that Dimitri was a lying treacherous scumbag. He actually did Niko a favour by negotiating a truce with Kenny Petrovic who otherwise would’ve had Niko murdered for the death of his son. Let us not also forget that Faustin isn’t exactly the sanest of all individuals. The reason Niko has to kill him is to save his life after killing the son of a dangerous man, a thing that Faustin set him up to do, as per conditions of the truce with Petrovic. Faustin also explicitly stated that he doesn’t care about his own daughter’s happiness, and one of the first things we see him do is kill one of his own henchman who was said to be a good worker. If I had to compare him to anyone, it would not be Dwayne. He was just someone who did a stint and was pretty much disregarded by the one he mentored after he had no use of him anymore. Faustin on the other hand was an irrational psychopath who lost his way. Dimitri was of course a scumbag in the end, but then we all know that at this point. But let us not pretend Faustin was wrongly screwed over. Personally, I don’t see how The Master and the Molotov could’ve been a two-way mission based on the events that had previously transpired. 

Edited by Grotti Vigilante
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Personally i think Dimitri only betrayed Nikko when he realised he had nothing left  with Mikail gone he would have only had  Nikko, he called him a bottom feeder and as much as i like Nikko that is what he was at that point.

I dont like what Dimitri did and i know Nikko's only option was to kill him but i can still see why he betrayed Nikko.

Edited by ViceBoy69
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I kind of wish Jimmy Pegorino was replaced by Mikhail Faustin in the story as the last bad guy so to speak. Imagine having an intense shootout on Happiness Island against Dimitri and Mikhail together if Dimitri never sold out his best friend. Like, imagine if they were actually best friends throughout the story. I didn’t really care for Jimmy P at all imo.


As for the current topic I would choose Dimitri.

Edited by TheOriginalGunslinger
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I'd kill Faustin considering he sent me to kill lenny. Dmitri was a snake but he got Kenny off of nikos back 

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Mikhail is one of my favourite character in the entire series and I never liked Dimitri. So, I'd kill Dimitri if there was an option. But, the catch is we really didn't knew at the start that Dimitri was a snake who would betray Niko and we had previously saw Mikhail's short-temperedness and his cold heart personality so these things would've afftected the decision if there was an option. 

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