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RDR2 online vs GTA V online


RDR2 ONLINE vs GTA V online?  

7 members have voted

  1. 1. RDR2 ONLINE is almost like playing GTA V online?

    • Yes
    • No

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Went online with RDR 2 and felt i'm repeating GTA V online or the structure was close to identical. Anyone else felt the same? 

Does anyone know what the plans are for RDR2 online? I dont want to spend time repeating GTA V online when the story for RDR2 was brilliant and would rather prefer more story content.

Edited by EssCee
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They have to add new features, otherwise idk how many players will be riding in this world. Lasso and shoot people in the head is fun for max one week LOL.

Edited by RileyRock
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1 hour ago, EssCee said:

Does anyone know what the plans are for RDR2 online?

Translation: does anyone here work for Rockstar?

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Its like gta but with like 1/100 of the content. Red dead has hunting,gta has jets,cars etc. 

Everything can be fixed though,but we probably never get a voice,which is a big disappointment. 

Red dead could easily be the best open world game ever...

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I feel like they should have gone with a 'simple' but fun multiplayer with this one - as they did for RDR1 - and not follow GTAO footsteps.

It works for the GTA franchise to have this huge, dedicated online world separated from the main single player games but Red Dead is way different and I think this entire RDO doesn't fit its theme at all.

I think everyone would have been happy if we got a RDR1 2.0 multiplayer instead of this ... everyone besides Take-Two probably!

At least this time R* was 'allowed' to make the single player game they wanted ... unlike with GTA V that was imo heavily directed to kids and completely lost its vision.

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I think they are different enough to not feel like you're playing "gta with horses". It's more than that. And plus i think the game will evolve with time. 

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I think rdro has a way better pve environment. Far more activities. I like both but I like rdro alot more

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GTA had a sh*t ton more content at launch, lol.


No comparison. Hunting and Fishing are all that I consider new. Far less races, far less missions. No brainer.


And with what's there paying peanuts, especially gold, really is a huge backward step to what GTA offered.

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RDO has a stunning environment...but as an intuitive, engaging form of gaming entertainment, it falls woefully short. Not fit to lick GTAO's boots (imo).

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