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Broken Train Bug on PS4 now Permanent until Patch...

Go Team Venture

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Go Team Venture

Just a heads up, the bug some people experienced with trains not leaving the station (the conductor will yell “all aboard, the whistle will blow, but it won’t move) is now permanent, until Rockstar releases a fix.


The original fix as recommended by Rockstar was to pull the plug on the PS4, wait 30 seconds, re-power, load the game, and after the splash screen, during the black loading screen, hold L1 and R1 until the main screen. This would reset local user settings and fix the trains not departing bug.


Unfortunately, since there is now a pre-home screen advising you that Online Beta is ready to play, the fix no longer works. Hitting skip to advance past that screen to the main home screen nullifies holding down L1 and R1... Meaning there is now no workable fix, and the bug, if you are unlucky enough to encounter it, is now permanent until Rockstar fixes it. 


I will suggest that if you encounter the bug, it’s always a good idea to immediately yank power to the PS4, and sometimes that is enough... If you catch it before the bug becomes part of a save. When I first encountered the bug, that worked. The second time I encountered the bug it was there to stay, so I used the Rockstar-recommended trick. 


Now with Online Beta announcement pre-home screen, it’s here to stay for awhile... Bad news for anybody working on Bandit level 10, ha ha.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Amazing how R*'s answer to all problems is to pull the power on whatever system you are on.


NPC's Missing?  Pull Power.


Train not moving?  Pull Power.


Nuclear Reactor melts down in China?  Pull Power...

Edited by Satanta
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