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Suggested some weapons, bring back the Lemat

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Went to the feedback forms and suggested the following....

Mare's Leg ie Coach Gun (basically a sawed off Winchester, lever action) Steve McQueen used one in Wanted Dead or Alive with a hip holster rig.

Bring back the LeMat, converted to cartridge from black power of course, you can do the same with the 1851 Navy, Army and the 1858 Remington. 

(the LeMat had nine chambers and a under barrel that would hold a .410 shotgun load. Favorite weapon in the original Red Dead)

Suggested the Remington 1858 Rifle, basically an 1858 revolver fitted with a rifle stock and elongated barrel.

Suggested shoulder rigs.

Also suggested the Merwin Hulbert revolver...this gun might have replaced the Colt Peacemaker if the company would have more business sense, but instead went backrupt. Many scholars think the Merwin Hulbert was superior in design to the colt. (Google it, there are some great videos on it)

Also suggested the Russian model of the Schofield...it looks damn sweet, but it is an aesthetic thing. 



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You want a LeMat you say?  That'll be $9995.00


A Peacemaker will cost you your first born, arm, leg, left testicle and soul...

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Happy Hunter

I want the Lemat. Right now - according to the stats at least - there aren't enough good sidearms. I look at the expensive pistols and revolvers, and their damage stats are nearly the same (in some cases lower) than the base cattleman revolver. That doesn't seem right.


Edit: I don't know what type of gun it was (long time ago), but the Scorpion revolver from Red Dead Revolver would be a nice throwback.

Edited by Happy Hunter

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