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Unlocking the Unlockables


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I am currently updating my Chinatown Wars guide at GameFAQs based on my PSP runthrough. At this point you can no longer sync either the Nintendo DS version or PSP version to the Social Club and can no longer obtain the Bulletproof Patriot, Sean (81st dealer), or the Xin Missions. Now, in 2018, has anybody found a way to unlock these bonuses without the Social Club? I would imagine it would be easier on the PSP due to accessibility to save files and CWCheat (when using softmods) but would be harder to do on the NDS version.

Edited by RARusk

"One day I will think of this as just another job. After all, this is what I do."

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just do it bob1

You need ARS or cheats of some kind. The Xin Missions are now "unplayable" due to Chinatown Wars on the Social Club being shut down. Same goes for the Bullet Proof Patriot, the 81st dealer in liberty city, and the Bulletproof Hallenbacht GT. 

I might add that the Bulletproof Hallenbacht GT is now obtainable through a rather tedious method of pushing cars ( which you can find on the CTW special vehicle guide ). But yes, it would be easier to do on the PSP port of the game. 

As of right now, the Bulletproof Hallenbacht GT is the only Social Club exclusive vehicle or feature in the game that can be obtained after the Social Club support for Chinatown Wars being withdrawn, without the use of cheats or mods. I'm pretty sure that a method without cheats or mods might come out eventually to obtain these other features. 

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