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Clothes Wishlist


Recommended Posts

We know R* will likely be giving us free dlc updates, which will also likely have clothes in them. In the spirit of some fun speculation, let's make a wishlist of clothing items.


I'd love to see:


- Ponchos

- Fur cloaks (like in single player at the trapper)

- Crafted fur items and leather items (gloves, jackets etc)

- Feathers for our hats like in single player

- Vests with pocket watches

- More chaps

- Jewelry (rings, necklaces)

- More holster options

- More feminine hats

- Knee-high boots

- More long coats and dusters

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Ponchos are definitely at the top of my list, would also love to get some more scarf options.

Edited by TiberiusMcQueen
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I want trapper outfits. Idealy i should be able to use any animal to create any kind of clothing. Singleplayer was a good start. 

Also i want special clothes for completing challenges.the belt buckles suck. 

What exactly they add doesnt really matter,atm clothes selection is so limited,we just need more of everything.

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i def think ponchos and sombreros are coming when they add mexico to online. no doubt about it.


what id want them to add is:

1.military clothing, like the buffalo soldier uniform from rdr1. also civil war uniform and uniform from 1899.

2.native american styled clothing, like headwear and patterned clothing. 

3.add the ability to close jackets and bend hats like bills


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I want more hat variety, and the ability to customize them. I want the "Rodeo" hat and the hat that Jim Calloway wore in single player.


I also would like to add feathers and change the bands on hats.

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I want:

1. Bandanas that you can wear around your head.

2. Beanies that the Skinners Gang wears.

3. More hat options that aren't formal

4. More leather jackets.

5. Bandoleers that cross each other Bandito style.

6. More gunbelt options.

7. Pants that don't clip with gunbelts.


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Native style clothing. I'd like more moccasin options like the ones Arthur could craft, patterned shirts, buckskin pants. Also the options for feathers in your hair/on your hat

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3 minutes ago, xl SENTRY lx said:

The second link is in the game right now, The "Liberty Hat".

I hadn't noticed that thanks! Hopefully they'll add it online. I like the 10-gallon hat.

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The outfit Marty Mcfly goes back to 1885 in

Edited by Big Molio
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- Ponchos

- Duster coats with physics

- ragged and tattered shirts, pants.

- More gunbelts

- to be able to wear ONLY the off hand holster

- More hat options

- Marshal, deputy and sheriff badges/stars to wear.


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Basically what everyone else said above me,but also eye patches, like the square one the Marshal has or a normal circle eye patch!


And the LeMat Revolver From RDR1!

Edited by areyouchappin
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I mean all of the above but some f*cking winter/cold clothing would be nice. I'm level 25 and I can't make or buy a warm outfit yet, I wanna go fishing and hunting up in the snow man.

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Well I just found the Marshal Dillon hat on youtube, it's called the High Hat. So yeah it would be cool if those numerous unlockable hats from SP were available online. I'm not spending a fortune on clothing items though. (It's also the hat John Wayne wears)



Edited by Assblaster
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I would like full complete dresses .

i want dresses with very poofy and full skirts. Something like Queen Victoria. 

i would also like earrings, necklaces, rings, and eye glasses.

more feminine hats .

more high heel boots and shoes.

Short skirts.

fishnets and stockings. 

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- poofy upper class dresses like Penelope Braithwaite’s from SP.

- el prostituté corsets+side slit skirts so I can look like a gunslinging harlot.

- the ability to turn take off your gun belt. Perhaps this comes with a mechanic like passive mode.

- ponchos and sombreros.

- while I’m at it, better heads to choose from. When I choose 18 years old, I don’t want to look like a 56 year old, crack smoking Roger the alien.

- a plait that isn’t messy, like Sadie sometimes has.

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Native American clothing


military outfits like the one Captain Monroe wears and the 2 veterans.


Military outfits like the ones the Spanish wear on the island.

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More of everything.

More color variations (orange clothings are close to none, for example).


And what about satchels? I don't really like to store things into an invisible one.

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On 12/3/2018 at 1:29 AM, Tampinha85 said:

- to be able to wear ONLY the off hand holster 

- More hat options



Agree with those 2, and more chaps like in SP (trapper)

But not only more hat "options" also better looking hats.

And i really like the aligator saddle but it got low stats, so more of that with better stats and able to put on stirrups, i dont like the closed stirrups, more "normal" stirrups like on the aligator saddle.

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I very especially want native and warm fur clothing, those would look so nice.


Civil war clothing, old soldier outfits and such.


It'll also sound vague because I don't know the names of these, but the shirts and hats the chinese people in St-Denis wear.


The mission only bucket helmet and iron armor that allows you to take more damage but makes you unable to eat and slower.

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