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I'm started again to review the missions!


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Recently, my 1k sub channel got banned for allegedly "reports" for copyright claims. I re-made the channel that i didn't used later [that has 2k subs] and i can now review your missions on the English language. If you have some, you can send me here. I'll not 100% guarentee that i will review it - and i will not say any ratings because as it was before I got ton of hate for saying the ratings of how mission actually is.





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Oh hi there. I can be your first client. Name's Silence Scream 2, search it on my DYOM profile. Just to remind you - sounds aren't copyrighted. It's a mission pack, can you record all the current missions in one video?

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Yup. I'll do it. Thanks for requesting and that sounds are not copyrighted. I don't know about the rendering of my Camtasia, how long it will take but i can take it in 1 video. How long is it?

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KK @GoldenFreddy  @ZekoX your first mission from your MP is uploading - 



Sorry i forgot to add Mission Audio, also i recorded mission 2 without it but it will be from the mission 3.

@ZekoX also it will take long time to render to put all these chapters at one and upload - but i'll try with Silence Scream 2 ! [i'm using full HD editor that i'm using on Polish channel so]

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I think i can release premieres today, between 19:00 CEST and 20:00 CEST. I don't know yet, but maybe. I'll link it here for sure



@ZekoX - i installed SD's when i was recording 2 and 3 mission and so far i didn't heard any audio - idk why. But just to let you know. I know how to install SD's but idk what's happening.



ZekoX Silence Scream - mission 2,3 premiere at 19:00 CEST! - 


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