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Lets talk specifically about the "Money Lending and Other Sins" questline *spoilers*


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On 12/11/2018 at 3:41 AM, SM00V 0PERAT0R said:

Well, in modern day banks, you are only robbing the bank. Not the individual. Maybe that was different back then, but highly doubtful considering the profits banks make off interest and how common they are.

Personally, If I could have told Strauss to f*ck off, I would have. He is scum. Most of them are. But it does play into the whole redemption thing that an honorable (true story line) Arthur. Either way, Arthur does not seem like the kind of man to do someone like Strauss' dirty work. Ever. Michah.. yea, no doubt. But it's pretty clear that Arthur disagrees with debt collecting from every dialogue between Strauss and himself during those missions.

Still, I wouldn't skip it. Just seems like a wasted story when you do. And on my second play through, Im dishonorable AF... still want to kill Strauss, but no remorse for the people who take shady loans. No different than todays people who take bad credit loans they can never pay off. I have been hard up. Really f*cken hard up and dug really f*cken deep... but NEVER stupid enough to do that sh*t. It's why those places exist. The interest alone is unpayable unless you make decent money, and if you do, you shouldn't need it in the first place. So no... No remorse for these fools.

Still... f*ck Strauss.

I totally agree with your words! F*ck Strauss

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