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Official Dastardly Deeds Thread


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Lets be honest here, even the most honorable of us do some sick twisted things every once in a while. So here is the place to confess your dirty deeds whatever they might be.


Here's my dirty list:

1. Hogtied all the residents of chez porter, piled them up, emptied their pockets, then burned them to death with a fire bottle.


2. Put on sack mask, grab a machete and hack my way through a gang hideout like a wannabe Michael Myers.


3. Drag horse thieves behind my mount down a dirt road until the screaming stops. Othertimes I'll tie them up and throw them off a cliff or in front of an oncoming train.


4. Feed the local gator population with lemoyne Raiders. I want their civil war hats and since I can't save the damn things to my wardrobe for some stupid reason I'm always in need of a new one. Which means a lot of raiders go missing and the gators never go hungry.


5. Farm Klansmen for honor, which usually means jamming to the ghost busters theme song while things get very stabby and on fire.


6. Extermination of all murfee brood and night folk on sight. My preferred method is anything that involves fire but dragging them behind my horse works just fine when I'm all out flammable weapons.


7. Tried to feed a night folk to the gaters once, I set him down to grab an orchid and had my back turned for 2 seconds. Let's just say he didn't stay tied up for for very long and things got a little messy. Worst part was I just bought the new coat I was wearing and then it got night folk brain matter all over it. 


Well that about sums it up, and to think my character has near max honor regardless 😈



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1 minute ago, Rykjeklut said:

Not to toot my own horn but



Darn it, I should have scrolled more. But I made my thread as a more official list your deeds hear confession place rather than a thread asking a question. Perhaps both could be merged into my Dastardly Deeds post.

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