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How to do the Special Edition robbery mission?

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Hello There,


I own the special edition that was promoted with another bank robbery mission. According to the guide book the mission should come in chapter 4 by Micah, but I have now arrived in chapter 5 and never got the mission? How would the mission be triggered? Does anyone know? 


-Yes, the download code was definitely activated and downloaded.


-As far as I know, I did all the side missions in chapter 4...

Edited by xy-maps

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Ring Dang Do

It's given to you by Charles not Micah. 


You get in chapter 4 in your camp when staying at the mansion. It's time specific so you have to be in camp at the time. If you see Charles walking with a map then the mission is just about to trigger. When he looks at the map on the table then the mission will be available.

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Something seems slightly buggy about this from my experience.  It never showed up in my main playthrough, despite deliberately pacing myself through Chapter 4 in anticipation of it.  And then if I try to replay it through the Progress menu, the mission just never loads.

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The mission never appeared for me as well ... I came to a point where I just would not want to wait any longer for it and went on with the story.

If I was teached one thing with RDR2's Special Edition ... NEVER buy a special edition again or check a thousand times if it's really worth spending extra money on.

RDR2's Special Edition is a complete joke imo ... the physical map is nothing like the one that was teased in the promo image for the Special Edition ... it's printed on very thin paper and the other stuff is useless and the extra mission doesn't even trigger.


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Okay, looks like a new bug for me similar to the missing John Marsten bug. 
Several ingame days have passed but the mission doesn't appear, I also noticed that in the camp there are only Uncle, Lenny, Dutch & Hosea, the rest is completely gone, no matter at what time of day!

(Restarted the game serveral times)

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You'll get a notification saying "Bonus robbery mission is available at camp" or something to that effect in Chapter 4. 


Be aware that the whole mission will be gone if you start another mission... or at least that's what happened in my playthrough. 

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