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Bounty system is not good..


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I was playing and kinda racked up a bounty but don't wanna restart. In Red Dead Redemption 1 you would just die or pay it off but nope not in RDR2. I think this definitely should be changed.

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Wow what an awful thread. The bounty system literally works in the exact same way it did in 1, except this time around there are no pardon letters (which makes sense, if Arthur used a pardon letter it would theoretically make the rest of the game redundant because he's on the run from the law). You lose a bounty by either getting arrested or paying it off. Not sure about dying. But it's not as though bounties are a permanent thing that make the game unplayable.

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Richard Power Colt
On 12/2/2018 at 5:43 AM, RainbowGamer320 said:

 or pay it off but nope not in RDR2.

Have you tried paying off the bounty?

Edited by Richard Power Colt
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Cutter De Blanc

When I read topics like this, I feel like the title should be "I'm too stupid and impatient to figure out the wanted system"

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I hated it at first but once you get used to it, you learn what to do/what not to do. 

Some bounties still seem a little petty to me and the $ is significantly more than it was in RDR1 but you learn. 

My best advice is to make multiple saves (I generally save every half an hour in case my horse dies cos I don’t wanna go through the hassle of breaking it again) so if you rack up a huge bounty, you can just go back a save. 

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