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How are you guys spending your money on RDO?


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It's going to sound crazy, but with the economy in the game being so imbalanced, it has made me appreciate saving most of what I have to get what I need or want in the game. I am probably the player Rockstar hates a lot lol.. I don't blow my money on useless sh*t or sh*t that wont help in some way. 

Anyway how I intend to spend my money and collect resources is collect all my food and loot, only spend money on a few outfits, ammo and only on a few selected weapons. I feel like Rockstar is trying to encourage a scarcity mindset but for the wrong reasons. Basically in order to survive in this economy with the state it is in.. You need to make smart purchases because Rockstar is betting that we won't lol.

I am just curious how things are going to fair up in a few months to a year from now. I went on GTA Online again today and all the DLCs ever released would advance your character into owning multiple businesses. What can they do in this game, that will be similar but not kill the vibe of the time period?


It's not a lot but at the moment, I have about $700 and 4 gold bars I've earned from the treasure hunts , the various modes and missions.

Edited by Doublepulse
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Just the essentials, a few key guns for the hunt and a bow/rod  beyond that, I'll just need ammo and maybe the odd thing from a store, but I like living off the land too. 


Can't top a bit of fresh venison, touch of mint or something to spice it up, and you gotta love yourself a fire. ;)

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I have only managed to buy 2 guns and that was the VAST majority of my money.  I want winter clothes so I can go up north where all the trolls dont go.  I think it would be nice to play for 5 minutes without somebody randomly shooting me or my horse.

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I bought a lot trapper clothing,lost a lot at poker and was taking a lot of premium baths.


Just kidding,varmint rifle,a stable and a few clothes. 

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The PS4 bonus content got me set up with a good starter horse and saddle so those costs are covered for now. I got by in hunting and missioning with just the starter weapons until I got around to finishing the story content where I splashed out on a bow and bolt action rifle. Honestly the only things I really feel the lack of atm are a good shotgun and a second holster. Once those get got I guess I'll start looking at costs of upgrades like gunbelts, bandoliers, inventory capacity etc.


I was a big clothes horse from day one in GTAO but in RDO I feel content with my starter clothes and the Grizzly outfit. It suits the time period and my character to make do with less, at least for now.

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I have to level up to get double barrel shot gun and then some money to mod3it. Other than that, I am good. Land gives you everything you need, food, health drinks, pelts.

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Miracle Tonics. Literally the only thing worth buying right now.

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I'm not. The only two useless things I bought so far were a vest and a hat. I'm saving up all I can until I finish all story missions.

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First $25 I earned in game went on a bigarse beard, after that I saved for the bolt action and the Litchfield repeater.

I got lucky with my starting clothes including the duster coat and Calyuga Hat, one gold and $131 saved right there.

Today I splurged for the first time and blew a massive $10 on a pair of gloves. 😂

Moral of the story: Get what you want, when you feel like it, makes the game more fun. 👍🏻

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Since everything I want is locked, and I was provided with a few free items through the Ultimate Edition, my only purchase so far has been a second slot at the stable (which I instantly regretted).


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Ive been spending on ammo and tonics. Don't really need much else so trying to save. 

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I haven't bought a single article of clothing yet. And the only consumables I've bought are for the horse.


Focusing on getting the guns I want and upgrading them. Once that's done, I'll reassess.

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Nothing really. Apart from weapons, horses and their upgrades which could give you an advantage, especially in PvP modes, everything else is more or less cosmetic, such as clothes and tents. It's true that some of these cosmetics come with certain perks, but overall they're not beneficial in competitive situations. Food and other provisions for my character and horse come from hunting, herbs and collecting items from around the world. Prices seem high, but once you acquire certain weapons and a good horse, you'd not need to spend money on other expensive items unless you're looking to change style, such as if you want to change the color of your weapon or saddle. 

Edited by Jabalous
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Ultimate version pre order here, dont need much atm, live of the land and created a persistent posse with my first $200, got the starter outfit i wanted but i got the outfits from the pre order so no worrys here.

Just starting the story now, ive hunted first make some $$$ for the posse, saving for the litchfield and springfield is my goal, after that upgrades for these rifles and my  cattleman, then the Double-Barrel Shotgun.

I want 2x cattleman fully upgraded and a 2nd holster, i got 1 gold bar and 35 clumps and $225 because i started over 9 times to get my character like i want it to look and to start with the hat i wanted.

Sometimes you got to make some effort to get what you want...


Well enough to do for me hahahha ;)

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Ultimate user here too, just bought some okay clothes, bolt-action rifle for hunting and basic tonic for myself and horse. Then save up for the future updates.

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For now most of the things I'm interested in are rank locked. I'm progerssing fast but it is still a long way. I'm looking forward to buy some recipie pamphlets (at least the ones that are not gold bars exclusive) and upgrade the set of my ability card since I've got all of them unlocked. I got decent weapons and the horse from the ultimate edition so no need to change that. Maybe some day I'll buy a black arabian since I like look of that horse.

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9 hours ago, IamCourtney said:



I think I read somewhere that there's no bandoliers online :(





Mostly just buying canned goods, but the stuff I want most is a high rank and expensive lol. Like the leather duster. :(

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So far, i bought a varmint rifle, bolt action rifle and a horse brush.

I have 1.4k $ right now. Gonna wait until i have 2k and will go on a nice shopping trip, once i`ve reached that sum.



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clinical oppression

So far beyond provisions ammo and horse food my money has gone to a Lancaster, then a bolt action yesterday (for alligator 3 star kills) then last night I bought my sheepskin winter coat for74$ so I can hunt in the grizzlies without dying .....good times .....today's goal .....the bow ......an hour or so hunting in lamoyne should cover that 

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I’m really focusing on the important stuff in terms of practicality and usability. Got myself a persistent posse early on since I always play with friends. Got the Varmint rifle to hunt small game and make a few dollars here and there - the plus being that you can fit a lot of that stuff in your satchel.


Got myself a fishing rod yesterday and realized that salmon gives really good money, so me and the buddies will probably spend this evening fishing.


My next purchase will be the Pump shotty since I love it, and it’s good for close quarters and close encounters overall. I don’t like the Cattleman at all and never use it, so I need something for close encounters. The Carbine Repeater is OK for medium to long distance, so it’ll do for now.


I also want to get a bow, but shotgun comes first.


And I really need a better horse. Like, definitely really. My horse is crap. But the good ones seem to require a lot of money and quite a higher rank, so I’ll wait and put my money into something really good later on.


I try and hunt for food, and just live off of nature’s resources as much as I can. And of course, I loot every chance I get.

Edited by Dr.Rosenthal
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Lvl 15 atm. All money spent on upgrading the carbine and revolver plus ammo. Next investment will be a Varmint rifle and a regular rifle w/upgrades for hunting. Saving up Gold for Horse Insurance on the free Arabian. I'll never buy anything for the look of it, only functional Upgrades will make the cut here. Such a skinflint me.

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i had the awesome joy last night of accidently buying a friggin 50$ green flag for my camp , when i only had 102 $ to begin with. I was so thrilled. I accidently hit x instead of circle.... 


I wish we had to hold x for 3 seconds ( like we do for other things) in order to "confirm" -  " yes i want to buy this" . Especially with how much everything costs vs how much you make. I was so pissed.

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So... currantly lvl 17


With the 3 gold I saved through the starting tutorial, missions and treasure maps. I bought a black duster coat (1gold) and an off hand holster (usually lvl 26 locked but 2 gold for early).


With the cash I have earned (missions, fishing and hunting) I have so far got:

-Bolt action rifle


-2x schofield pistols (both have rifling and sight upgrades)

-varmite rifle

-fishing rod


Currantly saving $100 for rifling and sight upgrades for the bolt action. Then its just a shotgun (pump action most likely) and the bow then I'm just going to go crazy with engraving, wraps and varnish for all my weapons.

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Not much, ammo and sometimes fast travel. I got the ultimate edition so im happy with the quick start bonus items such as clothes, sadle, weapons. I know someone who keeps deleting/ restarting his character after finishing the story mode missions. Because of the lack of jobs and other game modes. So he takes every time in about 3 á 4 hour something like 450,00 and some gold nuggets from treasure maps

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I'm buying ammo and saving all the rest for upcoming ponchos ... hopefully they won't be locked behind crazy high ranks!

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Guns mainly atm with some clothes here and there, have a Bolt Action, Pump Shotgun and a Volcanic with 500 in the bank. Debating over getting a sniper or a second Volcanic for when I get dual wielding in a few thousand exp.

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