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Rockstar support/feedback.


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Just curious guys, how often are you all visiting R*'s feedback page? And what are you requesting?


Could be a good thread to spread/share ideas to help this game grow if more make more requests/give ideas.


(Sorry I can't link the site, mods are most welcome to add it please).


Me, so far I've sent 5 per day at least since beginning online, not including bugs/errors...


*Peaceful/invite sessions.

*Minigames, including Liars Dice/horseshoes too.

*Regular races including showjumping/obstacle courses.

*Hunting and Fishing competitions.

*Permanent camp locations, property to buy, and ability to craft at a small camp via the item wheel.

*The ability to access missions regardless of honour and the mission itself having that impact. (Knew I'd forget one, lol)


I have sent others like free aim to be split from auto, and a better balance of gold and earnings. But these are my main requests I'll send daily, maybe twice. (#Shawshankstyle).


Any good ideas I read or errors I'll equally add to my list. If we could band together and see this game grow for all, regardless of how we play, this could be better than GTA:O. For us, and R*'s potential profits.


Good luck to all with theirs. Must note, no idea is 'wrong' and this isn't a thread to argue who's right, if that makes sense. Just a spot to throw ideas together and see what comes. :)

Edited by Lonely-Martin
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Hunting/fishing events could be freeroam events,do these "real" freeroam events even exist? Every time i joined something it put me in an area with all other players,i liked gtavs freedom much more.

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So far, I’ve given feedback and suggested:


- That they should bring back Mexican standoff’s and other game modes such as hold your own etc.

- Hardcore servers with no player blips, or more PvE friendly servers, something other than invite only, which I also requested.

- A free roam event/activity, which evolved around how they could implement legendary animals, a legendary animal sighting (maybe a couple) is announced somewhere on the map, and players have to track it down and kill it, first player to do so and sell the pelt and carcass, gets a nice payout.

- Obviously, added my 2 cents about their gold bar system (wasn’t positive, I can tell you that) and how simple items were locked behind ridiculous paywalls.

- Better gang hideout rewards.


Good topic idea.


Edited by Stormingz
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I haven't submitted a single feedback; they've gotten a ton of that already.


They know what to do, it's up to the CEOs to allow the development team to actually do it.

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Just now, zzmorg82 said:

I haven't submitted a single feedback; they've gotten a ton of that already.


They know what to do, it's up to the CEOs to allow the development team to actually do it.

I can respect your choices, I just feel if we have preferences/ideas, a 'don't ask, don't get' logic kicks in. Though I fully agree, they can't be short of ideas for sure. :)

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Oh also forgot to add, they need to fix this ridiculous weight system. I’m tired of being constantly underweight even though I’ve just ate all my inventory which is enough to feed a family of bulls.


Not to mention my horse being constantly malnourished, how much f*cking hay does a horse need to eat? 


Edited by Stormingz
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Gandalf In Space

I've only requested friendly free roam. f*ck invite only, FFR is way better. I just put up with being in a ghost town with gtao when I played outside of activities because I couldn't handle the constant jets and sticky bombs.

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Obstacle courses, that's a great idea! Wish I thought of it.

I suggested a lot of what everyone else has. I also asked for Clydesdales. Not a fast horse, but loads of stamina that can gallop for ages.

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I’ve sent 127 about freeaim lobbies and one about the Varmint Rifle headshots 😂


Well have sent one about both. I think it’s a great idea with a feedback idea thread, so more of us can send feedback and help each other in an attempt to get the best possible game for the greatest number of players.



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1. Separate AA and FA Free Roam sessions.

2. Non-PVP Free Roam sessions (or at the very least, Passive Mode for exisitng sessions).

3. Permanent camp locations (despite paying to move my camp to West Elizabeth, it keeps loading in f*cking Ambarino when I change sessions).

3. Incentives for high honor players as in Story Mode (as an incentive to not play as a c*nt, even moreso with the lack of non-pvp sessions).

4. Tweak the honor system so players don't take an hit to honor for merely defending themselves against other players.

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