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Lead roles that surprised you

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Basically this is really those roles in movies/tv shows from actors/actresses that really surprised you whether it be you thought they were no good, got stuck in a loop playing the same kind of characters or for any other reason.


I have two picks here.


First is Ashton Kutcher in The Butterfly Effect. I won't go into detail too much what I think of the movie (Even though I do like it), but I was really surprised by how he handled the role as up until that point I really only associated him with goofy comedies like Dude Where's My Car and Just Married. I never really thought he'd be able to pull off a thriller/drama so well. 


Second is Ryan Reynolds in Buried. Similar to Kutcher I only ever really associated him with goofy comedies, but Buried is one of those movies given how limit it is and relies heavily on dialogue he done such an incredible job of creating the fear and tension one would face literally being buried alive.

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Breaking Bad

Not sure why this thread got no responses, great idea for a thread. 👍


Wentworth Miller in Prison Break. I'd heard nothing about him at all, I didn't even know who he was really. But man, he blew me away. Especially the first season of that show. His portrayal of Micheal Scofield is fantastic, and the characters has many layers about him. Even now, the guy doesn't do many films or play too many roles, even though he's such a talented actor. 


Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad was shockingly good. I knew him from Malcolm in the Middle and I was so blown away to see him doing such a serious & challenging role, and knocking it out of the park. It's honestly hard for me to see him as anything but Walter White these days.


Kristen Stewart in Personal Shopper was surprising. I always thought she sucked as an actress because of Twilight, but my opinion was completely changed. She can really act. Keeping up with the Twilight theme, Robert Pattinson has also impressed me in Remember Me and more recently Good Time.


Edited by Breaking Bad

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12 hours ago, Breaking Bad said:

Not sure why this thread got no responses, great idea for a thread. 👍


Thank you. Happy you enjoy the read.👍

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el carlitos

Clearly Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad. I also knew him before from "Malcolm in the Middle" and I hate pretty much every actor in this series. I was late watching Breaking Bad, Bryan C. blew me away. I have so much respect to him now. I also liked him in the latest Godzilla. Shame he just had a side role here.


Luis Tosar in the movie "Sleep Tight". Great acting. I recommend this movie.


Wagner Moura in Narcos made a very great job as Pablo Escobar. 


Edited by el carlitos

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Matthew McConaughey in Killer Joe, had only really seen him in romcoms before but here he brought this chilling and disturbing presence to the fore.


Vince Vaughn in True Detective season 2. While season two wasn't a patch on season one Vaughn played an imposing gangster very well, a far cry from the  comedies he usually is in. I believed the character even despite the iffy writing at parts. 


As mentioned by @Miamivicecity, Ryan Reynolds also, this time in The Voices, a pitch black comedy where he plays an unstable man whose pets talk to him, great movie btw, I think it's on netflix.

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Breaking Bad

Another one:


Andrew Lincoln in The Walking Dead. I'd saw him in Love Actually and he was in a show called Teachers in the UK, but to see him in such a serious and long-running role was a shock, and being one of the best parts of that show for me. I'd really not seen him in a lot of serious things, and he was just perfect for the role as Rick Grimes almost immediately. 

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Darth Yokel

Steve Buscemi in Boardwalk Empire. I'm not sure that he's ever played someone like that before. He always seems to play low self-esteem characters and comic reliefs. To see him pull off a confident gangster/politician and a leader of men so well was quite a surprise.

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James Franco in Pineapple Express. Up until that point everything he was in was a Drama (not including Freaks & Geeks). So i was surprised to see how good he would do with a comedy role

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