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Cowboys: The Tale of Betty Shore

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Welcome to Betty Shore, the town that time forgot.

After facing a close call with death, a mercenary sets out to find a new purpose in life and finds himself in the peaceful yet remote town of Betty Shore where he may find the redemption he seeks, albeit at a great price.


Click on a poster below to download the episodes.









Information below gets updated as Episodes release, be sure to check back frequently for updates.




Marcelo Chavez

A natural leader and strategic planner with years of military experience. Facing a major setback after a failed mission, he set out without a goal besides distancing himself from his past and possibly seek a way to atone for his less than honorable actions as a mercenary.


John Cooper

The de facto leader and overseer of Betty Shore. He is the latest in a long line of Coopers working to ensure the town’s existence. A good-natured and family oriented man, he is always the first to stand up for his fellow neighbor. Decades of relative peace and quiet have however let down his guard and left him unvigilant of the dangers brought by strangers.


Adam Wesley

John Cooper’s closest friend since childhood and most trusted adviser. A family man with a wife and young boy, Adam is the town’s second in command when it comes to taking general decisions. Having John’s ear, he ensures the town functions as it should.


Fred Carlson

A Vietnam veteran who found a home in Betty Shore and a friend in its people after a traumatizing and devastating war. A brilliant handyman, Fred serves as the town’s mechanic. Looking up to John, he made sure to always stand for his fellow man, even if this puts his own life in danger.


Sean Phillips

The lowest of scum in Bone County. Sean Phillips is everything from a sex offender to a proud racist. Phillips started as low ranking foot soldier in The Bone County Bikers and quickly climbed the ranks after impressing his boss by being reliable and loyal. Sean got arrested in 2002 and released on parole very recently.


Doctor Avery Kingston

A natural physician, Doctor Kingston has been Betty Shore’s doctor and general caretaker for most his life since the death of his mother when he was a teenager. He is a member of the Kingston family who like The Coopers have lived in Betty Shore since its founding.


Sheriff Bill Westward

Young, naïeve and fiercely loyal, Bill is the Sheriff of Betty Shore. Having served as the town’s only deputy, he took the mantel when the previous sheriff passed of old age. While not much is expected of him, he takes his job very seriously and takes pride in serving his town.


Grandma Lisa Cooper

The oldest resident of Betty Shore, Lisa has been John’s caretaker since the premature death of his parents decades earlier. A devoted Christian and kind-hearted woman, she is open to assisting all in need and is generally accepting of outsiders. Her youth however has taught her to be strong. In John and Adam’s absence, she is usually considered the town’s leader.


Father Michael Montgomery

An old and weary priest having served the church of Betty Shore most his life. Father Michael is the town’s moral compass and as such has taken the burden of guiding its people. Like Grandma Lisa however, he has lived through moments of hardship and understands the luxury of peace. Though his age left him unable to be the dapper man he used to be.


Bertha Cooper

The youngest of the bunch, Bertha Cooper is one of the very few people who moved out of Betty Shore. Being John’s daughter, she returns occasionally to catch up with her family and friends. When she is not town however, she is attending law school in Los Santos. As a young woman who genuinely cares for her town, Bertha hopes she can help Betty Shore grow one day with the help of her education.




The People of Betty Shore

A peaceful yet remote town located in Bone County, its residents originally having founded the town based on basic American ideals and principals, internal discord over the years gave the town an isolationist ideology causing the people to distance themselves from the reach of government and corporations. The newer generation of residents have adopted this mindset but are much more easy going when it comes to accepting outsiders. With little to nothing of note happening in the town, the people have become comfortable and unprepared for the threats present in Bone County.


The Bone County Bikers

A half legitimate organization of motorbike enthusiasts. The Bone County Bikers run several legitimate businesses in San Andreas, with most of them serving as a front for their illegal contraband. While vicious and powerful in the 90s, The Bikers have grown weaker recently with  the authorities closing in on them and their leader growing ill of old age.


Trivia (Spoilers)


Episode One: The Nomad

-As of this episode, Bobby Big is the most recurring character in the T13U outside of single missions. Along with this episode, he also appears in The Fort and The Fort: Buck-L-Up and the upcoming The Fort: How Bobby Saved Christmas.

-The beginning of this episode takes place during the same day as 'The Fort Carson MC' from The Fort.


Episode Two: Good People

-This episode is this series' equivalent of 'Welcome to Betty Shore' from Cowboys Vs. Bikers.

-This episode sees the return of John Cooper, Adam Wesley, Father Michael and Grandma Lisa from the original mission pack. As well as Carlson Jones who is now portrayed as the younger Fred Carlson.

-Sheriff Bill Westward is a new character, he is however based on the unnamed Sheriff from the original mission pack.

-According to Adam Wesley, Marcelo isn't the first newcomer in Betty Shore. Another unnamed person arrived recently.

-John reveals he has a daughter that Marcelo is yet to meet.


Episode Three: Monday

-This episode is this series' equivalent of 'Local Sunday' from Cowboys Vs. Bikers.

-Unlike the source material, Bertha is John's daughter instead of Fred Carlson's.

-Doctor Kingston reveals John has a second child that he raised along with Bertha as a single father.

-Marcelo reveals that painting is his favorite hobby.

-The Bone County Bikers make their first appearance in the T13U in this episode. They have been referenced multiple times in previous missions and mission-packs.



This series is a part of The Target13 Universe.



Based on Cowboys Vs. Bikers.


Edited by Target13

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Curious to see absolutely no comments on a thread about perhaps the most hyped project in recent memory. Shame, really, because Target yet again proves his capability with DYOM that places him among the best this community has seen as of now.


'Cowboys: The Tale of Betty Shore' has a good start with the first two missions that establish the location and the main characters. No gameplay, but none needed for now since we're only being introduced to the concept of the mission pack and its contents. Eagerly awaiting for the remainder of Season 1, keep up the good work.


On the other hand, I'd like to say a few warm words about the T13 Universe as a whole. After completing these two missions I decided to acknowledge the rest of the Universe, starting with one particular project that this mission pack is based on, which is 'Cowboys vs. Bikers', and then playing the other ones. And I gotta say, you've done brilliant work building this world of yours, what with the single MOTW entries and both 'The Fort' projects. This is something I myself wanted to do with 'The Desert Tales', although on a smaller scale, so seeing another designer actually pull this off, and even with the same general setting of San Andreas desert, pleases my heart.


One question remains though, is this a sequel to 'Cowboys vs. Bikers' or a reimagining of sorts?

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Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed the first two missions and I look forward to your opinion of the project as a whole when it's complete. Also I would like to thank you for doing something not many people do, which is playing a whole set of other missions just to get caught up with the broader plot. It makes the hassle of writing these stories worth the effort. Admittedly I was wary of your opinion on the T13 Universe in general as you have been rather critical lately but I'm glad my work has left a good impression on you. Constructive criticism is always welcome, mind you.


As for your question, this project is a reimagining of Cowboys vs. Bikers wherein the story has been rewritten to be more grounded and realistic as well as integrating it into the T13U. As stated in the T13U thread, all missions prior to The Fort aren't considered canon.

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I liked and enjoyed the two episodes. the names of episodes have a really true meaning, And they are really like Cowboys vs Bikers. Marcelo is a good try hard Protagonist to be, also you gives him good qualities which I like it, and The John return is specially perfect. What I most liked that the story based on Betty Shore, a real tales of a cowboy.



Good job Target13, hope the other episodes will be fantastical of cowboys :)

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Deliberate, didactic, and sensational. This is truly interesting. I will make sure to play it once I have the time. More importantly, I will make sure to support you for this project. Hopefully, more people will be interested as this is, in my own words, a spectacular work of art. Good luck!

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