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What is your favorite mission in Gta Vice City?

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My favorites are "Cop Land," "Hog Tied," and "Trojan Voodoo"

Edited by JPFL

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-Phenm Penh 86.

-Treacherous Swine.

-Death Row.

-Rub Out.

-Messing With The Man.

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Death Row. Peak of Vice City along with Rub Out.

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Evil empire

There are already topics about it.

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Ballas King

My personal Top 5:


1. "Trojan Voodoo" where you steal a Voodoo (Haitian's car) to delude them (just like the mythical Trojan Horse ), Pepe is an interesting company, like his comments (like in Little Haiti he says "this plays is a dump", near the pizza restaurant "they make nice pizzas here", am glad Rico is till arrive when we meet, fight a swarm of Haitians and blow up their drug factory. In the aftermath, enter the Haitian gang's hit list permanently and the will kill you everytime they see you. Mere words wont describe how awesome this mission is to me.


2. "The Job" after making interesting friends like Cam (the Safe Cracker), Phil (the Shootist) and Hilary (The Driver) you rob a bank. Really funny interaction with them on the taxi I drive to the location. An action packed mission from beginning to end, reminded me of some of the old arcade games I played in reverse roles in the 90s of cops busting bank robbers.


3. "Martha's Mugshot" where you follow Candy the porn star (yes your very own D ) , take photos of her with Alex Shrub dressed in the most bizarre outfit ever in the VC game (even more so than the Psycho's), and then fight off the FBI and make your way back to the film studio and deal with hardcore M4 wielding thugs (you could just skip all that and fly safely with the sparrow but I love the challenge). Unfortunately to get to this you have to go through the worst mission in the game "Dildo Dodo".


4. "Rub Out" Kill Diaz and his men and literally takeover Vice City. I so wanted the mansion when I first got to starfish Island in my early years playing, and it was finally all mine! Also killing Diaz is fun, I prefer the flame thrower and love to watch him run around as he dies.


5. "Four Irons" an early basic mission for Avery, but it is fine fending off the golf club wielding thugs and chasing the target throughout the golf course, finally killing him. I really like the golf outfit too....

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