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Griefers are ruining this game already


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I hope Rockstar opens up the invite only and solo sessions soon.   The first couple days have been pleasant until today.  Now some douche bags are out and you can't even get to your camp without getting harrassed.   I truly think this a great game and thoroughly enjoyed the story.   Now I want my character to create his own story which doesn't involve PVP morons.   I want to explore, hunt, run missions, defeat gang hideouts, rob banks and trains either solo or with people I choose to play with.   I think it would be best for the game if rockstar would totally seperate pvp from the open world like Destiny did with the Crucible.   PVP players should have their own world to sow chaos in and leave the explorer/money grinder types in theirs without penalty of not wanting to participate in that type of play.   

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Arguably one of the best games ever so far on console has been freely given by R* to the minority group commonly known by ordinary gamers as the "utterly gormless scummy dregs of the gaming universe". A game instantly diminished  from being a deep, broad and involving one (If you have an attention span longer than a fruit fly that is) into a free for all deathmatch with all the subtlety of a housebrick to the face. Classy R*...not.

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