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Stranger mission not working

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So the last three stranger missions I have tried don't seem to start. The little opening dialogue thing about what they need done happens the nothing just back out to town no icons nothing. I tried one first time meeting Shawn I think (the Irish dude) after taking to him nothing happened then he said fine work on the last job or something. Getting kinda annoying 

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Tried moving to a different server? Seems to at least temporarily fix this problem. (until it happens again, that is)

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Seems all I do so far is server hop on here....I think they could solve this by regional locking but companies are so p.c. anymore they would rather just let you play a laggy mess of game than to not hurt anyone's feelings 

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Just left one lagged out lobby to restart my stranger mission found yet another United nations lobby and the same stranger mission still won't start....getting sad

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This happens to me all the time now. I'm level 15 and every time I start a stranger mission, the same thing happens. The cinematics play, once I leave the stranger and go outside, there's nothing on my map telling me where to go. I go back the stranger and they tell me thanks for my hard work. 

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My posse friend and I tried to do a couple of stranger missions.  One kicked us both offline.  The second one at macfarlane ranch had my character stuck on the black screen with the revolver going until the server finally gave up and says it couldn't run/error. At least it resolved itself but not after waiting 3 or 4 minutes.  The sad part is I couldn't get off my horse or use any buttons.  Once I did get off by hitting a tree, (sorry horse), I still couldn't talk to the lady or get back on horse.  The server just can't handle all the requests it seems. 

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Yeah that happens to me with Sean’s first mission and with one of the train station clerks.


Another weird thing was going to the sherif in Tumbleweed for the first time in the cutscene he wasn’t even there and his mug and book and pen were moving by themselves, it was pretty funny.

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U Carmine

Try riding your horse some distance away from those strangers and come back. It works 50:50 to trigger a different mission. Sometimes it'll still bug but worth a try.

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Yeah I can't any jobs for Bonnie. Lol it's funny because I'll approach her and she says

Good job on that last thing you did for me, but I've never actually been given one from her.

When I approach and talk to her she talks, and gives me the details for the job but nothing more.

Even if I switched servers.



Edited by Deadman2112

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I love rdr online, have a full 7 man posse, most of my bro’s love online too, some of them haven’t even played the campaign, but the replay value is diminishing dumb fast bc none of the Stranger Missions work. That would give us something to do for hours in the different lobbies in between pvp and replaying the story missions. Please! It’s gotta be in the next update, before anything new is added. The game can’t be broken. 

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