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GTA IV save won't load after playing TLAD and TBOGT


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I completed GTA IV (disc, on Xbox 360). Then completed TLAD and TBOGT (the disc with both of them). Went back to play GTA IV again and it can't load the save and only lets me start a new game. After the new game starts I go to "load game" and instead of my GTA IV save files there's the TLAD and TBOGT save files there instead!!! I thought being separate discs they were separate games that didn't affect each other. Why are the TLAD and TBOGT saves there on my GTA IV game and how can I get my GTA IV saves back?

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Bratva Assassin

I’m pretty sure all three games auto-save. I never experienced such problems. I dunno man.

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This happened to me too but in pc, after playing EFLC i couldnt load the last autosave of gta 4 and it starts new game.

However i could load the game from save slots.You should always keep a backup save in saveslot.


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Thanks, yeah I figured out that GTA IV and Episodes share one set of save slots for some reason. Why though??? If I'd just bought the Episodes disc without ever playing IV I would've been able to save without saving over another game, so I can't fathom why they'd do that. Like, I don't play San Andreas and expect it to start saving over Vice City and have to share one set of slots for two games on two separate discs.


Worst part being that when I started Episodes it just showed a set of brand new empty save slots so I had no idea I was going over my GTA IV saves and happily filled them up. It sucks because I like to make multiple saves through the game so I can replay different missions, but because the games have to share one set of slots there's not room to make many different saves. I had a really nice set of IV saves so I could replay any part I wanted plus a 100% one, RIP to them and I'll never have such a complete set now because of the Episodes saves taking up space. I was wondering if anyone else has had this? Surely it's not unique to my Xbox that the games share save slots?

Edited by billiejoearmstrong8
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Didn't know that would happen. It's probably good I was paranoid about such a thing enough that I saved in different slots.

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