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Red Dead Online Ideas


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Hello, I couldnt find the thread to put this under lol. Though I enjoy rdr2 online very much and I have came up with some ideas for the posses and their camps. It would be cool to see something similar or like this online;



The posses number reminds me of the movie Magnificent 7, though if posses do stay at 7 members, would it be possible for alliances with other posses? If we are allowed to be in a posse alliance, our camps should be in the general area of the other posses' camp(s). It would be easier to help and defend their camp if they do decide to let other players attack or participate in a activity that results the white flag from protecting them.

In a posse camp, it would be cool to see some sort of donation box for posse members to choose whether or not to help the camp grow rather than the leader having to do all the grinding. As well as possible upgrades to the members' tents as well to whatever theme the leader chooses. Also be nice to let members personalize their tent, to bring character and a sense of history between the posse members in the wild west, to the camp.

It would be interesting to see posses form a alliance to defend a player bounty against bounty hunter players or other outlaws. Like it could be a free roam event. If the player with the bounty dies or was captured and brought to the sheriffs, then those who participated in the capture or killing gets a percentage from the money reward.

Be cool if we could have some form of defense for the posse camp, though I dont know if that would work. When just sitting at camp, would it be possible to add certain features from the single player camp to the multiplayer camp? Like the kitchen, cutting wood, laying out food for the horses, etc. The reason behind this is because your outlaw/gunslinger already has to cook food for survival, so why not let posses and their members contribute to the camp's stockpile of sorts, for food, wood for the fire, and so on. I want to be able to feel like the camp is our hideout when exploring the wild west. I like the foundation and idea of the camp, though it could use some more features for being at camp.

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