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Buying a buker or upgrade cocaine lockup?


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Hi guys, what should i buy? I have 1’300’000$, i own a motorcycle club, a cocaine lockup with no upgrades, a nightclub with warehouse space upgrade. I play mostly solo, and afk. Which will get me to the most income?

Im thinking of buying a bunker/upgrading cocaine lockup.


These are the acual prices for now:

Cocaine lockup Equipment: 935k

Cocaine lockup Staff: 390k

Bunker price: 1170k

or maybe a LSIA hangar: 720k



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Upgrade coke lockup for now, do not buy bunker unless you have money to buy chumash or route 68 bunker and 1,7 mill for upgrades, about 3,5 mil total, better have 1 complete business than 2 underperforming ones. 

hangar is lowest priority of all things, it dont do much profit missions are overcomplicated and main use is for powerful aircrafts, also if you can finally afford it buy only to fort zancudo. one thing i did before smuggling run i made enough money to have fort zancudo medium cost bunker day 1(did this as soon as heard rumours  it being a thing).

Edited by A.C.M.
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Since you play solo and afk, If you can afford it, i'd definitely recommend you to buy farmhouse bunker.

I do 700K per day with bunker (i buy supplies). If you steal supplies, it's 1,050 M per day income.

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@A.C.M. sounds logical thx, i leave hangars for later. Is there big differences in  money production of different bunkers?


@Gat_2011 without upgrades how much can u make from farmhouse bunker (coz for now i dont have the money to upgrade)?

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All bunkers will work the same. The advantage of farmhouse one is it's proximity to LS so you can do full bunker solo sales if you get 2 trucks or 3 black insurgents deliveries. In all other cases (green insurgents, Marshalls, Buggies, just load a new session, loose 21K and wait 20 minutes to have full bunker again)


Upgrades speed up production and increase stock value

Full bunker stock is 100 units.


Bunker with full upgrades produces 1 unit every 7 minutes. Unit is worht for 7K$. Bunker will be full in 700 minutes (less than 12 hours). Full bunker stock is worth for 700K, 1050K if you sell in LS

Bunker with no upgrades produces 1 unit every 10 minutes. Unit is worth for 5K$. Bunker will be full in 1000 minutes (less than 17 hours). Full bunker stock is worth 500K, 750K if you sell in LS

Edited by Gat_2011
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Barnie Spacullie

All i know is dpnt buy a bunker unless you really thought about the location. I always help my friend with bunker missions, and it looks so fun, but when i use my bubker across the map its literally hell, just me scrambling around trying to complete my time frame. 

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actually bumpyjohnson has good point as well, perhaps better get any middle map bunker you can afford, chumash is best cheap one, whatever you do dont punish yourself with paleto bay

Edited by A.C.M.
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