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Prices are way off I think.


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Horse insurence is 5 gold bars? Really? I so don't think it should take a month of grinding to get insurence for one horse. Selling a gold ring gets you $1.15 but a can of beans is $1.50? I understand trying to keep it balanced, but as soon as ppl can spend real money that's going right out the window. 1k for a mouser? Prices should reflect the time better.just my opinion.

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Have no illusions because that is all they will ever be, pure illusions - Robbstar is in for the money, not for the players. And the guy from Take 2 said this in public but in softer words - we now take time to create wonderful worlds to hook up people for long and than monetize them at will


RDR2 is much more monetized than GTA and the grind must be long and painful, the only way to force the biggest ammount of people into microtransactions.


I see things this way - either you love or you hate the online, not much of a middle ground, cause grind is worst than ever and will only get worst, just wait and see


You must have 2 important attitudes for your gameplay


1 - NO HURRY - You wont evolve as fast as on GTA beginnings and even very simple things will take now weeks to accomplish, so do not play with the stress and urge of money, it just wont happen, believe me


2 - ENJOY - you must grind only where it comes great joy or fun for you and avoid stuff you dont like and that means you may endup doing grinds with less and slower rewards but at least you will only be doing what you like, or you will quickly get bored and frustrated


If one person is desperate to get certain items in few hours or goes grind on something that pays better but they do not enjoy, well, they better openup their real life wallets and purchase the golden bars, but do not expect to buy 2 horses with 30$ real cash, it also wont happen


Dont hurry and go just for the fun, come online and think ur going afer fun and relaxation, dont ever thonk you just logged in to get that sniper riffle

Edited by LordLoff
Ortographic erros and incomplete sentences
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