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How do you feel about Red Dead's Microtransactions?


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Played for two hours for the first time and damn the game is fun and the loading times and matchmaking is far better than GTA O. it's a shame that the economy ruins such a fantastic experience. 

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8 hours ago, 7nvd said:



More power to you.


But I rather play a game worth $60 bucks that has good content, then a (not) free to play game that tries to limit and restrict gameplay in order for you to spend money.


How did you purchase Online without RDR2 SP attached? 
Or was RDR2 SP not worth $60?


4 hours ago, Ice_cold2016 said:

Rockstar is fully aware that people don;t give a sh*t about ratings on a box and just put them on the box to cover themselves. They know that kids flock to their games regardless and Rockstar is more than happy to leave them there. But i think because of all the countries now clamping down on loot boxes and gambling in gaming that poker in online in Red Dead would be a step too far for them and they don't want to risk it. This is why the Casino never opened in GTAV Online. They can only push so far and that would be too far for them.


What we need to do is push our legislatures to create laws that stop Rockstar from drinking the blood of children in Take Two's New York office's basement. 


3 hours ago, ThroatSlasher2 said:

Bought a yearly PSN subscription a few days ago and now feeling a bit pathetic.


What a waste of cash.


You didn't feel that way when your purchased your Playstation? Surprising...


2 hours ago, Hatin Since 87 said:

If they would get rid of micro transactions it would bring the prices down, therefor eliminating the need for people to exploit glitches. 


I agree, if there wasn't evil greedy corporations then people would all behave themselves, would never cheat or steal, and would all become amazingly generous and loving human beings. 


8 hours ago, Ice_cold2016 said:

You buy things in 2 ways. With money or gold. HOWEVER, some things you can ONLY buy with gold. To get gold you either buy gold via microtransactions and your real world money. Or you grind and earn it. To grind and earn gold takes a long time to even get 1/10th of gold. You have to play certain matches over and over and survive only to get 1/10th gold. So to earn enough gold you have to do like 500 matches to get enough to even buy a coat! It's basically like GTAV but worse. GTAV was designed in such a way that encouraged people to buy microtransactions. But you didn't have to buy them as you could grind and earn the money. But in Red Dead 2 you have to grind more and its much slower. Therefore Red Dead Online encourages microtransactions even more than GTAV did.


You like the game in general? I wasn't going to play the game at all but a friend gave me his copy for free as he didn't like the game and got bored of it real quick. And i had 1 free month of Xbox Live that came with my Xbox One X so decided to give it a whirl. I don't like it either so will be giving the game away to anyone in the UK who wants it. So if your in the UK and want a free copy then gimmie a shout. Peace! 


I'm holding off on my opinions of things until we are out of the beta and have time to play, and spread sheet, the game. 
Now I could be wrong, but I think things are the way they currently are to force people into certain activities to provide stress tests on their servers. One thing I've noticed, and I could be wrong about this, but it seems they are using a server that is similar to how The Crew's was. as I've seen areas change population one I got to an area (empty area filled up upon my arrival). 
Prices could change, servers could change. As long as the BETA tag stays, I'm not passing any hard judgements. 

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I don't know how I feel about the microtransactions because there are no microtransactions. 


why is this a thread?

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1 hour ago, Ice_cold2016 said:

On current gen whaty? On GTAV Online on PS4 there are a f*ck ton of modded accounts. I get people who sell modded accounts follow me on Twitter for some reason or other. They are always retweeting happy customers who have purchased a modded GTAV account along with picture proving they are indded a legit modder. Along with Call of Duty accounts. Those seem to be the 2 biggest sellers. You buy a modded GTAV account for just £10 and it comes equipped with billions in the bank to buy and unlock everything and you can choose KD and rank etc too if you want. Sometimes they come with rare items like space helmets and beer hats and so on. Several of my friends bought them to beat Rockstar and none of them ever got banned.

They're modded and transferred from ps3, pretty sure there's no mod menus on ps4 that works online 

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25 minutes ago, psymin said:

I don't know how I feel about the microtransactions because there are no microtransactions. 


why is this a thread?

Ikr. I'm reserving my opinion until we are out of beta and cost and quantity of gold for the microtransactions are revealed.

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56 minutes ago, CaliMeatWagon said:

You didn't feel that way when your purchased your Playstation? Surprising...

Why would I feel pathetic about purchasing my Playstation?

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