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Red Dead Online Beta


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Now I must explain that online gaming really is not my thing, and hasn't been for a long time. I had a couple of goes of GTAV online, and the constant grind just reminded me of having to work to earn pretend money. Having said that, having played through the story in RDR2 I was so impressed, I was quite looking forward to the online thing.


I got standard edition, so had to wait for today to play the open beta. If this is what Rockstar call a beta, then I'd hate to see the bloody alpha. Surely they can use some sort of virtualisation to stress test their servers? This has been happening in games for as long as I can remember (anyone recall the sh*t show that was Half Life 2 on Steam?) so why can't companies get somewhere near to right before release?


My experience has been:


Login to online:


Use rather average character creator to make possibly the ugliest video game character of all time


Lose server connection


Login to online:


Re-use rather average character creator 'cos the bloody thing had lost my original character


Lose server connection


Login to online:


Lose server connection


Login to online:


Re-boot console


Lose server connection


Login to online:


Finally get the thing running, escape from  the prison cart thing, and, boom tish.....


Lose server connection


Are their servers all running 80486 chips and some twat has forgot to hit the 66mhz 'Turbo' button.


This isn't really a bitch and moan as I don't really give a toss, but it does worry me that this community (and all the other loyal idiots that support Rockstar and bought the game on release day) are/is being asked to provide free debug and beta test info to make life less unpleasant for their target audience, which is inevitably the screaming 12 year old kids who'll be getting this for Christmas. 

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