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Online is acc sh*te


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Online feels so dead and lifeless even with the griefers already on the roam. Also the lasso is a joke legit most op thing going imo, the mechanics seem changed for online also, when I tried climbing up what would be a too steep a slope my charachter awkwardly 'floated' up it also as I said when locked onto someone I was able to lasso them from by far three time the average lasso distance, didn't even feel fun everything's a chore been in for hour n the game is already trying to make you travel half way across the map for stupid missions with dead add charachters what speak in a monotone voice n say too many words, yh that first guy I'm talking about he's so sh*t I forgot the twats name 

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Give it a chance. GTA has had 5 years worth of content. You aren't going to get anywhere near the variety of things to do in a game that's a day old and in beta.

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I'm not speaking about the variety of things I.e activities, businesses etc and even in GTA I don't use these features because they're boring and repetitive, I'm speaking about the feeling of the world and the game firstly it feels so rushed into the onlines story and also it's just boring the world, I prefer the western historical setting compared to GTAs modern city setting as well it's just how the onlines built and yes I know it's a day old and it needs to be given a chance but this is rockstar, they haven't really listened to us since 2015 so doubt much is going to change  

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What do you think is wrong with the world exactly? What do you mean by 'rushed'? To me it looks like they have spent a lot of time trying to get it right. Can you be more specific then I might understand what you have a problem with.

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It rushes you into doing ,it's ions and having to keep your camp 'supplied' aka pay The 'small' fee and the same for the stables and when you've just begun with no more than $12 it's annoying because I don't want to be riding around while being briefed trying to do missions what give me less than what is required to keep all the stables and camp 'running', this isn't obvious at first but when you have to ride for very long times between places and in doing so you loose chunks of your money just to earn back less than what you previously had it's tedious asf and I haven't an issue with riding because it's enjoyable when it's peaceful but when you got to try n grind up money to buy guns etc and also keep your camp etc running it's annoying how much riding around we have to do straight off the bat, and what I mean by dead is there just feels no ifs to the world i get they had to take out npcs but the map feels like a ghost map especially if no other players are close to you, yes of course it will change and be updated but imo it's really not what I and most people ,from what I've read myself, thought it was going to be like 


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See, this is why I want to wait for some time before even logging into the online portion of RDR... I'm still undecided as of right now, but I am leaning towards waiting for a while. I really want a Friendly Lobby! And, I really want all players dots removed (unless they give away their position somehow) in PvP Lobbies. That would make it so much better, in my opinion. It is just an opinion though, so don't hate me :)


Honestly, I could care less how much things cost, and if they are level locked... I just care about HOW I am able to obtain it, and being griefed non-stop because dots are seen by everyone, is a bit too much for me. Breaks the immersion.


Edit: Run on sentence above my post ;)

Edited by Fennimoe
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did it exceed my expectations for DAY ONE of beta? no

but i had a blast playing last night for a few hours. it was fun as hell for me.


the amount of complaining here (not just this thread) baffles me



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I'm having a great time. 


the lasso is fun. 


YES, economy needs some tweaking. 


otherwise it's been AWESOME. 

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2 hours ago, SeymourFanny said:

 I don't want to be riding around while being briefed trying to do missions what give me less than what is required to keep all the stables and camp 'running', 


Did you even play story missions? Ranked up to ~10lvl and found treasure? I think all you did was some freeroam missions and ride around, then you bitch in internet about not having everything at lvl 1

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