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You're playing too much RDR2


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I find myself reflexively reaching for my binoculars/a small game arrow every time a squirrel crosses my path nowadays IRL.......

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Antagonize defuse, antagonize defuse my family


Open every drawer in my friends house 


Go in my grandmas closet and look for old fur to wear 

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...when you 100% it in 3 weeks. :)


(Though to learn I've only done 6hrs online, says more).

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When the word "plan" suddenly sounds worse than a curse in real life and you never ever want to plan anything anymore. Seriously I'm scared of this word. 

Edited by TheSantader25
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Algonquin Assassin



-You want to take a selfie with a vintage camera.

-You ask for a 50 cent deluxe bath when you rent a motel/hotel room in real life.

-You punch a horse and get kicked in the face like Arthur does.

-You're too scared to visit the Louisiana Bayou in fear you'll get attacked by f*cked up backwoods folk.

-You wait for Pearson's daily serving of stew at the dinner table.

-You start referring to facial hair and hair growth in "levels". 

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1 hour ago, Miamivicecity said:


-You start referring to facial hair and hair growth in "levels". 

OMG this is me nowadays. Tempted to shave head so i can start at level 0 IRL. 



. Thinking you might have TB when you have a cough/cold.

. Start mimicing Arthur's swagger. I better watch that lol.

. Every old guy with a white beard is Uncle. Seen a few Uncle lookalikes. 

Edited by Penicuikscotland2010
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I was at the Boss' house/farm doing some fencing-walked past her Chickens and saw a couple of decent feathers on the ground-first thought was "Are those Flight Feathers" and second thought was "Maybe I should take them to the Trapper."


Also looked at her Poodle, assesed it as One * and wondered if I would lose 'Honor' or get a Bounty for shooting it.

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