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Give R* Feedback on the RDRO Beta!

mr quick

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It'll only take you a minute or two to write up your thoughts - if you feel like anything should be changed, now's the time. The more people provide feedback, the more likely it is to actually make a change. It worked with Battlefield V, so hopefully it'll work now too. That is, if you think anything needs changing 👀


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Seems I'm there more than playing, lol.


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I hear ya. The game in its current state is pretty off-putting. The shameless price hike really just makes it a grind. My hope for RDO was an extension of singleplayer, with the same pace and tone. I think the constant blips (as I'm sure many have already said on here) really shrink the otherwise expansive world. Imagine if player blips worked like stranger interactions in the main game, where you'd see a short blip following gunshots, for example. That'd be more immersive to me - not knowing whether that horse rider is an NPC or player, and having to actually use my eyes to see if I should unholster a weapon or not. Imagine being able to stalk a player without them knowing, and then robbing them after they meet up with people - inversely, imagine being on the receiving end of that! Ambushes are thrilling, even if they are a bit frustrating if you're not prepared. Maybe there could be those area markers for players with bounties (which they could get from randomly killing other players?), so that you could either steer clear of that general area, or head in to this last known location to look for the bounty. These too could be like som stranger missions, where the search area only pops up when you're pretty much in it. 

I have to say that the shameless price hike is a game-breaker for me. My real life is an endless grind to make enough scraps for basic necessities, why would I ever want to play a western version of this, but with the additional factor of everyone rushing in to kill me at all times? In my two playthroughs of the single player story, I never felt as if my character was rich by any stretch, and even after completing lots of missions and side quests to get a lot of money, it didn't actually feel like "a lot" - just "more". I could accept the low mission payouts, that's fine, but the price hike is inexcusable. 

To me, Red Dead Redemption I and II were both more mature, and slower paced games than their Grand Theft Siblings. I don't consider it too much to want this to extend to the multiplayer experience as well. All my games-playing friends have this game, but the contrasting tone, pace, and general feel is so jarring that I'd rather play singleplayer alone, than this GTAO-reskin with my mates. That can't possibly have been R*'s intention? 😛 

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