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Multiple Cities in GTA VI

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If they bring multiple cities, it would be online-only... Might also bring back the map loading screen from the older games unless the next consoles come out by then.

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I kind of like the idea, but at the same time, I’d be wary. I wouldn’t want it to water down the depth of any one of the settings. Maybe I’d prefer that a single city be selected as the main setting for the game, but perhaps there could be missions that would take you to different cities for brief portions.

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On 2/6/2019 at 5:36 PM, PaddsterG2k3 said:



On 2/6/2019 at 5:36 PM, PaddsterG2k3 said:

Yes I thin a South American/Caribbean setting is a good one for a second city to a Vice City. They did it in RDR with the Mexico section and I think it works well.


With the popularity of Breaking Bad, Narcos and El Chapo I think they'd be fools not to include it.


If they don't then it'd be another US city. I'd be gobsmacked if they didn't do at least two cities in the next GTA.

GTA has to be America based but there's nothing say they can't do America and somewhere else.

Edited by UndeadPotat0

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Big Fat Paulie

I am in full agreement with this sentiment, GTA VI should definitely have more than one city and lots of countryside too. GTA V had plenty of countryside but only one real city, unlike San Andreas or the Red Dead Redemption games.


There's a reason why my concept for GTA VI has not one, but three major cities and lots of countryside. One of the cities returns from a previous game, but the other two are entirely new locations.


My concept contains Liberty City (New York City), Keystone City (Philadelphia), and New Plymouth (Boston) as major cities and there are four major regions, which are Alderney (New Jersey), The Carroways (Long Island), Liberty State (Upstate New York), and New Britannia (New England)


Here is my GTA VI concept for anyone who is interested

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iiCriminnaaL 49

Multiple cities (and country) was one of the main aspects that made GTA San Andreas a very special title to me and a lot of people.


Even though I love how diverse and detailed GTA IV's Liberty City and Alderney City are, they still don't feel as diverse as the combination of Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas in San Andreas, which weren't just different islands of the same cities, but totally separate cities.


Would be incredible to re-experience that in a future title.

Edited by iiCriminnaaL 49

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I'll only take multiple cities if they're close in real life and fit.


They missed a huge opportunity in V. They could have had versions of San Diego and Anaheim + Orange county to really complete that Southern California feel they were going for.


You could have a game set in the Midwest with like Chicago and Milwaukee or a game with Detriot, Cleveland, a part of Canada and Pittsburgh. A two city game with St.Louis and Kansas city. Though It'd be a tough sell to get people excited for a Midwest city that isn't Chicago or Detroit.


I could also see a game working with Philadelphia, Wilmington, and Camden, NJ. Just for fun add in Atlantic City.


Exceptions can be made for certain places like Las Vegas especially if it's a Mafia story and you fly out there. Someone I forgot who mentioned it had a great idea on how it would work. You'd go out there on trips either business or pleasure. Obviously you'd take a plane. The Mafia has close ties to Vegas families from all over the country at some point had some stake in a casino or resort in Vegas. So you could have a game with Vegas and Chicago, or Vegas and Kansas City, Vegas and New York etc.


Or a Vice City/ Carribbean setting could also work. Bring in drugs from overseas. Miami is the gateway to Latin America. I'd like Miami and the Bahamas or Cuba.


On 1/1/2019 at 5:21 PM, Mister Pinkerton said:

Agreed. It's almost surprising that nobody has really attempted the multiple cities thing since 2004. Not in a GTA style game anyway. 

Technically Watch Dogs 2 did with Oakland and San Francisco. Though they did take a bunch of liberties and cut a bunch of places out.


There was also Godfather 2 but man was that a mess. Those cities looked terrible.

Edited by Zello

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I could see something along the lines of the following happening:

Larger map than V, with 2 cities; the 1st - a smaller city perhaps the size of LS, the 2nd - a larger city, bigger than LS and approaching ever closer to 1:1 scale comparison to real-life cities. And then, the smaller towns scattered across the state.


This gives R* room further to expand in future games after VI, and a chance to practice and get the details right on a bigger scale without trying to jump too far ahead of themselves in one go.

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Big Fat Paulie

RDR 2 is proof that Rockstar is more than capable of not only having a colossal and detailed map, but also a living breathing world with multiple cities, towns, and regions.


Personally, I'd like to see GTA VI based on an entire region, with multiple major cities. It's the approach I took with my concept thread's Northeastern setting, but you could do it with all sorts of other regions of the United States.


Just some examples of stuff they could do in terms of regions and cities for GTA VI....


West Coast: Los Santos (LA), San Fierro (San Francisco), Las Venturas (Las Vegas), San Delgado (San Diego), and maybe a Northwestern city like Rose City (Portland) or Aquarius City (Seattle), and the countryside would include the entire state of San Andreas, not just Blaine County and Los Santos.


Midwestern United States/Rust Belt: Carcer City (Chicago), Motor City (Detroit), and Brewer City (Milwaukee), maybe also throw in Hiawatha (Indianapolis) and Boleyn (Cleveland) for good measure.  


I think this would be a great setting for GTA, given its rampant violent crime rates and poverty, as well as a distinct car culture. 


The Dirty South: Vice City (Miami), Saint Denis (New Orleans), Terminus (Atlanta), Sonic City (Nashville), and New Cairo (Memphis)


Mid-Atlantic and Upper South: Capital City (Washington DC), Wellington (Baltimore), Ratcliffe (Richmond), Queen City (Charlotte), and the regions of Kildare (Maryland/Delaware), Victoria (Virginia), West Victoria (West Virginia), and an area based on the Carolinas.

Edited by Big Fat Paulie

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I really like the leak posted months ago. If i remember correct, the concept was Vice city and a version of Mexico city, with drug smuggling and the border playing a big part in the story. 

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f*ck it, triple the production staff, make 6 states each the size of the RDR2 map with cities in each of them. 6 characters, 6 individual mission strands that then intertwine into an epic finish that spans an entire nation.


Mash-up the RDR and GTA-verses at least with place names.


San Andreas - LS, SF, LV

New Hanover - LC, Boston & DC spoof

Lemoyne - St Denis, and VC

West Elizabeth - Strawberry (DEN), Valentine (CHI) (moved from NH)

New Austin - Armadillo (DFW) Tumbleweed (PHX)

Ambarino - PDX and SEA spoof (PNW setting would actually be great by itself)


Game will come out about 2045 😂

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Screw the multiple cities. Just make one big-ass city with lots of interaction, lots of things to do, lots of details. Don't just fill it with mountains and empty desert like y'all did in GTA V!

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